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Business Maharaja

04-27-2012, 03:54 AM
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Business Maharaja

Hi guys, I introduce myself as the person behind the game, Business Maharaja. The game would be launched soon on the App store. I am giving away promo codes to the first few people who message me directly showing their interest in trying the game. So hurry up as the number of codes is limited. The game would be priced at $2.99. This thread will be regularly updated with more information about the game in due time.

The game that I am going to reveal is not any casual game that you see everyday, it is a game for those who admire works of greats like Mr. Warren Buffet, it is a game of mastering the art of creating wealth, it is a game of investments and a game of temperament.

Introducing Business Maharaja...

Game Full Description

Presenting 'Business Maharaja'....a game that will allow you to make billions of dollars in no time....a game that is highly engaging and addictive once you get the taste of big money....a game in which age is no barrier between you & success....

So what kind of game is it....

It's easy enough to guess from it's name that you are to fill the shoes of a business maharaja who is going to amass wealth that nobody else has amassed before...

You might ask what kind of vodoo magic is done by the business maharaja to make such money ???

Their rule is simple.... 'Buy low sell high'

Buy the assets(businesses) when they are at rock bottom prices and sell them when their prices touch the sky. Now how about if you are allowed to trade your company shares so that you not only generate money from your own business but from public as well..Wait lets add loan and bonds and your ultimate business machine is ready

Combine these four and you have a money making machine in your hand...

So are you ready to make billions of dollars ??

But what to do when you have all that money in your pocket ... Well we have hand picked some of the most desirable luxuries imaginable for you to buy so go ahead and buy them...

-Over 1000 companies to trade in divided into multiple levels
-virtually unlimited gameplay
-Beautiful and intuitive user interface for such a game
-over 100 most exuberent luxuries to buy
-Gather invaluable knowledge of some of the most famous Business Gurus in the world
-Fulfill some of the most well thought out mini objectives to face the real challenge of a Business Maharaja
-Game center achievements and leader boards

**Please note that the game does not involve real money
05-01-2012, 02:57 AM
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Hurry guys only limited promo codes are left for you try the game before it launches on app store.
05-04-2012, 12:28 PM
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The artwork looks real sharp! Nicely done.