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Announcing "To Be A Hero" a new RPG for the iPhone

04-28-2012, 12:14 PM
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Announcing "To Be A Hero" a new RPG for the iPhone


The land of Illustria is in peril! Monsters have began roaming about, the dead are rising from their graves, and worst of all, a string of suspicious murders plagues our towns. We need your help, because only you, the player, can save our world from utter destruction! Your quest will not be easy. First you must gather supplies for your journey. Only a fool would travel without them. Then you must talk to people and make their knowledge your own.
Throughout your journey, you will encounter many monsters. Each of them has a weaknesses you can exploit, if you are smart enough. Also make sure to find work in the local villages. Not only will you increase the amount of money you can make, but you can also learn other job classes. Some adventures left this village as lowly stable hands, like yourself and returned as a great Archmagi and Paladins.

Our enemy is attacking us from another plane. They will be using an arcane artifact known as the DARK MIRROR to reach our realm. First you will need to destroy it, if we are to have any chance of beating them. But that will not be enough I am afraid. Next, you must purchase a craft capable of inter planer travel. The only way you can afford one is, to buy property across the realm and become richer than our greatest kings. Finally, you must travel to many planes and discover our enemies world. When you have slain him, and only when you have slain him will you be, a Hero!Features

Massive world made up of over 1 Million tiles!
Over 20 unique job classes to upgrade through.
Challenging well thought out quests and puzzles.
Appearance changes based on what you are wearing.
Many different worlds to explore.
Find work in local villages.
Target specific parts of your enemy. If they are more skilled than you with a sword, just cut their arm off!
Acquire property and businesses to gain more money.


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04-28-2012, 02:12 PM
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your trailer

The hero's walking speed does not seem to match the speed he is traveling
over the ground. His feet move too slow for the speed he appears to be moving.
04-28-2012, 08:59 PM
Bird's eye view really isn't my kinda thing, but I definitely love the cel-shaded graphics!!