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PattyCombat (rhythm game): wanna be beta-tester?

05-03-2012, 09:26 AM
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PattyCombat (rhythm game): wanna be beta-tester?

Hi all
nice to meet you my name is Vincenzo and I'm the graphic/game designer of this silly rhythm game named PattyCombat.

I'm here because we are looking for any feedback and suggestion on the game and we'd like someone of you to beta-testing it, if you please.
The most important thing we have to balance is the difficulty of the game, but any feedback and critic will be very useful to us.

The gameplay in few words is:
You have to remember and execute a sequence of taps more and more complex and longer, while keeping perfectly the rhythm of the music.

The game is available in beta-test for iPhone and iPod with firmware 5.0+
The test is under TestFlight. Here the direct link: http://t.co/1i4gvO60

I hope someone will be interested in helping us and gaining eternal glory with having his name on the credits

Here the story:

And here some screenshot:

sorry if i put too much images ( I tried to use the spoler tag but doesn't work with images)
06-14-2012, 04:22 AM
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Lovely art

Hi Vincenzo,

I stumbled on this post from a Google search looking for iPhone games beta test, as I was interested to see how other iPhone game developers go about testing their game!

Your game looks really fun, and the art looks incredible, are you a cartoon artist? The characters add loads of depth to the game, and I would love to play the beta.

I've signed up to the TestFlight link you posted but can't see the game appear in my TestFlight account, do you need to send it to me?

Look forward to seeing it, ben
09-06-2012, 06:15 AM
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Hi benje I'm so sorry I've seen your answer only now. I saw nobody answering my post and so i stopped to check for answers.
Have you finally succeded in joining beta testing?
Anyway the game is out since yesterday so you can play it downloading directly from the app store since Is also free to play!
If you want you shall send to us any consideration about the game through the web site www.pattycombat.com or with a review in the app store.
We will appreciate any feedback, suggestion and review!

sorry again for not having answered; I was sure nobody ever on this forum could have given his consideration to my thread