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App description: "Guzzlebugs" is an Arcade, puzzle trajectory shooter game.

Guzzlebugs is the name of a quirky little Archerfish that roams the rivers of the jungle in search of tasty bugs as its food.

After his parents swam up river he was left to fend for himself.
He must hunt for food and swim to different parts of the river in the hope that he will meet up with his parents once more.

"Guzzlebugs" hunts for food by firing at bugs that live in the foliage above the water surface.
Not all of these bugs are easy to hit, but there are ways to shoot at even the most well protected bugs.
Guzzlebugs needs to improve his shooting skills as he moves further down river, as the bugs get harder
and harder to shoot down.

If he misses a shot, the bugs will taunt him, but, if he hits a bug, it is very rewarding.

Our little fish has to be careful in his quest for food and family, as dangerous Piranha's infest these waters.
So he has to keep his eyes open and shooting reactions sharp.

Guzzlebugs is a cute vertical trajectory shooter game that combines ....

Bug taunts, funny characters and rewarding fish sounds

Challenging game-play
Vertical shooting using physics and special shots

Unlock-able shot types, these include
Split shots, Nukes, Portal shots. More shots are in development an are planned for an imminent update.

Colourful detailed graphics

Nice sound

The game has 45 levels and a pirahna
mode that allows for 45 more...

Game centre support and achievements are part of the game.
There are 14 achievements at present.

We hope you enjoy this game...
05-09-2012, 10:42 AM
Joined: May 2012
Posts: 1
Got this game a few days ago.
Its very good and i would recommend it.

Has anyone else played it?