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The key is to move your finger on the LOWER HALF of the screen just like you see in the video!
Dancing! Monsters! Shooting! Action!
Cute and hardcore?
What other game combines all of these things and more?

Using simple touch controls, slide your finger to move the games eponymous hero, Kotomon, to catch friendly monsters (each with its own unique abilities), and tap the screen to shoot these new allies at enemy monsters. Its that simple. Some allies rocket around the screen like a pinball, while others breathe fire or detonate on impact. Every move adds a beat to the background music, allowing you to influence the soundtrack as you play. Create Ultra, Extreme, and Dynamite combos to elevate your high score!
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This is from some of the core designers who worked on Rez and Lumines.

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Originally Posted by strivemind View Post
This is from some of the core designers who worked on Rez and Lumines.
TOFTT just because i loved those game to death.

Edit: well as expected the game is very peculiar You play as a "monster" gathering other little creatures (that have different attributes) through levels. The game uses a 3 star system to rate your performance. In order to gain stars you need to score points and you can gain those by exploring your surroundings and experimenting with objects (your followers can eat some, you can "roll" other objects to gain points...) or by killing ennemies.

The little creatures that you have at your side can be picked up using the virtual joystick, then you face your ennemy and you tap the screen to send your newly created "projectile". If you hit an ennemy it is killed off in one blow but the thing here is to line up combos in order to maximize the number of points you make. (think bowling)

The game isn't perfect though and while the art style is cute, the camera is panned too close making it difficult to see the ennemies sometimes. (edit 2: it's not explained in the tutorial but you can pan out with two fingers but the camera stays at a weird level and is often blocked by the terrain) Furthemore the controls are quite difficult in stressfull situation and do lack some precision resulting in cheap deaths (you can be killed in one blow).

You can see that this was built with music in mind, the ennemies are "dancing" and moving accordingly to the tune that you hear but i don't feel like my actions are as effective at creating a new beat as they were in Rez. (edit 2: it gets better in world 2 in terms of music)

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05-14-2012, 11:46 AM
Game Impressions

More a Tech-Demo then a Game

While the actual Gameplay seem somehow lost in translation I`m still searching for a reason why this small App should be worth $4.19 or even more since the current Price Tag seem to be already the Sale Price.

If I would have to rate this App* and would know that it is coming from the Game Designer of Rez & Lumines I would give it a 1/5 because the current Gameplay has so many Flaws that Phil Fish modern Japanese games "just suck" sound kinda harsh but does fit 100% in this Case.

I will play around with the App later this Week more but as far as I have played the Game at this Point it`s far away from what I had expected it to be...

*= This App...I won't call it Game since it isn`t One in declaration of what a Game stands actually nowadays for should have never ever see the Light of the iTunes Store.

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Originally Posted by strivemind View Post
This is from some of the core designers who worked on Rez and Lumines.
How the mighty have fallen. I hope I change my mind, the first 15 minutes is anything but great. I hate this, and agree with Sanuku. I wish I had read his impression before reading the front page of TA.

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Game Impressions

Played until the lava level. Until then, the imprecise controls and camera problems don't really matter. Once I reached that level however, the monsters kept rolling into the lava, resulting in a quick game over. It's only possible to pick up one monster and the other ones get distracted by food or stray too far away.

The music isn't important for gameplay. It's a dynamic soundtrack but not a music game.

Sanuku is right, this is a terrible game. I wouldn't even call it a tech demo because the graphics are average at best.
05-15-2012, 06:44 AM
Game Impressions

05-29-2012, 07:39 PM
When new update comming??
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Diggin' the Pikmin vibe, but it's hard to make heads or tails of the gameplay, even after watching the vid.