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05-25-2012, 01:17 PM
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Accidentally reset the server!?!?
05-25-2012, 01:21 PM
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Thanks, Lee, and all the developers! Appreciate all the feedback letting us know you hear us. Remember, despite any negative input, we all actually want you to succeed! (Although it is a bummer that there are technical glitches which need to be worked out before all concentration can be focused on an iPad version, hehe)

05-25-2012, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by DaviddesJ View Post
Accidentally reset the server!?!?
Someone tripped over the power cord
Anyway, I'm satisfied with the developers statement above for now. A free month makes up for a lost couple days, and the developers quick and regular responses here (even though they have their own forum) makes me feel like they're a dedicated team. Now let's just hope their technical prowess matches their dedication and server issues don't become a regular problem since nothing is more dangerous for an mmo.
05-25-2012, 03:03 PM
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An additional month, that is classy, and the game is excellent. Well done.

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05-25-2012, 04:48 PM
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I'm having some object count issues. First I couldn't build a shipyard because I was told i was at my object limit, though the count said I had like 13 available. I figured that was maybe because I already had a shipyard and couldn't build two. Anyway, I was able to build more ships, but now I can't build any more even though the screen says I have 7 objects left. So I investigated and my "objects built" is 14/21. However I have 14 ships on the AI screen alone. I also have 6 ships without current orders and 1 orbital shipyard. So what's going on? Are these bugs or am I just totally confused?

Edit: and I'm also losing harvesters when I cancel their routes between planets. Even more annoying, they still show in my ship list and count as objects but when I click the system button it takes me to a system with no ships, so I can't give the ship orders or destroy it or anything
Edit 2: and I've got other ships just straight up vanishing. It seems whenever I set more than 1 harvester on a source planet, they disappear.
Edit3 (sorry but I don't wanna double post): the object count thing is getting weirder. The numbers on the UI don't update until you log out/in. Also I can't seem to send any harvesters at all to the planet where my lost harvester with the cancelled route is supposed to be (but isn't). It just tells me the ship will begin its route but it doesn't, and it remains in my idle ships list. And now both ships are in limbo, unable to be used or destroyed. I'm also getting fairly regular disconnects. Gonna have to stop for a while of this continues and wait for some fixes...

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05-25-2012, 06:54 PM
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I have following problems:

In my home system I have 4 planets. I can establish routes with harvesters to 3 of them, but not to the fourth. I tried all icons, but it didn't work. Btw it is somehow disturbing that the ship and the planets have source and target icons. I do not understand the difference of them. And how can I choose the source AND the target planet, when I press these icons from a ship-menu?

I would like to see following improvements:

Rename harvesters to cargo ship/transporter. So its meaning is more clear.
I would like to see directly wether a ship has cargo by using a different ship icon. And maybe some lines in different colours to display the routes from planet to planet would be nice, too.
I think press and hold and then dragging a ship from one planet to another would a good idea to establish routes or sending a ship to a planet.
Add some more ground structures.

Ok, maybe more later.

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05-25-2012, 08:04 PM
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The game could use a much better interface and intelligent control of your empire. It promises that it's done away with 'repetitive tasks', but I'm not seeing it.

Right now there's too much micromanagement - take probes and the process of exploring the galaxy, for instance.

I have about 15 probes active. Even though by far the most common thing I do is send them to another sector within my galaxy, the process of ordering them to do so is a bit too involved. I have to go down to the system level, tap on the probe there, tap the move icon, go back out to the sector level, find a given unexplored sector, tap that, and then tap 'confirm'. That's six actions per probe, including two screen transitions. if we were able to order ships around while staying on the sector screen, that could save more than half the time I spend ordering stuff around.

Adding to that, I started on the edge of a galaxy area, so to explore 'adjacent' zones there I have to go all the way out to the galaxy zoom level, then go back down into the next sector. It would be nice to show at least a few of the sectors in the next sector over to streamline the process of moving stuff there.

As if that wasn't enough, most of what I'm exploring with these probes is a giant grid with a few stars on it. I can't actually see the stars until I have a probe enter or pass through a sector, so the most efficient thing to do is line all the probes up and have them 'lawn mower' their way to the other side of the grid. The real pain here is a lack of waypoints - instead of being able to tell my probes to move one row down and then move across the next column, I have to tell the probe to move down a row, then wait awhile for it to get there, then log back in and move it again once it's in the new position.

But it doesn't end there. I'm looking for planets to colonize, but get this - even if a probe enters or passes through a system, I don't get to see the stats for a planet to know if it's a good spot or not. I have to send a probe into orbit around each planet in a system to view its stats, and again due to the delay, it's a matter of waiting a bit between seeing each planet.

But what really made me shake my head was this: after you do all that, you dont even get to keep a record of the planets stats. If your probe leaves, the planets stats again become unavailable to you. I hope you have a good memory, because your civilization does not.

Finally, there's no indication if one of your ships is moving or not, so I don't know if some probes are moving or if they're just sitting there.

I'm a game designer myself, and this is a very ambitious game. An ambitious game's mechanics need to be equally ambitious - I should be able to just tell a probe to 'explore' and it can just go about scanning the nearest unexplored thing. Heck, why even tell it that? It's a probe. As soon as you build it, that's what it should do, all by itself.

Or, do away with the big empty grid and just put the stars on the map to begin with. After all, once the initial exploration finishes, isn't that what the game will revolve around? And shouldn't my civilization at least be able to see nearby stars? That way I can spend less time lawn mowing in space and more investigating planets.

The game does make some intelligent choices, like with research, you just pick a tech and it takes a set amount of time- a good decision that keeps it simple. In addition, you can queue up your next techs, so I don't need to log back in as soon as my research finishes to start the next thing.

So, bottom line, I don't feel like I can play optimally without logging in a every so often to do more micromanagement. I was hoping for a game I could do stuff in for a half hour to an hour, and then leave alone for a day, but especially with these probes I need to keep doing stuff all the time, and I think the game will become too much of a time commitment for me to justify playing it. And this is with just one planet in one sector - what are things going to be like when I'm managing dozens or hundreds of planets and fleets?

As an MMO, it's far superior to the largely screen based MMOs on offer now. As a 4x game, it needs more intelligent and optimized control of your empire, so the average mobile gamer isn't left in the dust by the micromanager.

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05-26-2012, 12:57 AM
I agree with Comassion on several points/issues. The game simply isn't enough iOS-ish, it isn't sexy enough; playing involves too many taps and tiny controllers.

This game should also have interactive learning, replacing the static video tutorials. Learn by doing just in time, whenever needed.
05-26-2012, 04:00 AM
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At large I can only agree to what visionwebs, Gatada and Comassion wrote.
I would like to see the game a little bit more in the direction of EVE.

Maybe my idea seems a little bit odd, but I would suggest that ZARKSOFT and BINARY HELIX (Dangerous a.k.a Nullspace) should team up, mix their games somehow and make an MMO something like EVE with a little bit less complexity, multi OS and Devices support.
Ok, sounds ambitious and expensive.
That might be a kickstarter project which could need a big name...

So, if you need a universe which is well know by space rpg players, then you could take ingZ Inc into the boat, they made Traveller AR (the AR feature is nonsense in my opinion, sorry for that @ingZ, but that is the bitter truth), which sadly is on hold at the moment due to financial difficulties. So they need money

Ok, maybe call me crazy, but it is just an idea which came into my mind when I was thinking about and searching for a little bit less complex alternative to EVE.There is NONE right now!
Maybe Vendetta Online, but that is not complex enough for me.

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05-26-2012, 06:00 AM
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Seems like a cool game so far. Sadly i keep getting disconbected now and then. So hard to play at the time. But i like what ive seen so far.