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App description: Story
According to the convention, an ordinary person will become the hero when the devils blow the horns of invasion. However, it seems that destiny has played a cruel trick this time. The chosen man is actually a greedy thief. So this epic fantasy story that would have been happy and tragic, sorrowful, and heroic has begun as a farce.


1. Choose 1-4 characters and allocate their skills.

2. Choose 1 appearance style and determine the positions of the characters in every array.

3. Kill the monster and immediately collect the falling gold coins and soul balls.

4. Find the suitable time to release skills of the characters.

5. Use the gold coins wisely to enhance the character level, skill level, array level, and soul maximum.

6. Recover the blood level of the characters and restore the soul immediately before the battle.

1. About the Arena
Challenge the arena to obtain more gold coins!
The monster level in the arena depends on the average level and odds.
To reduce the difficulty of the arena, it is best to take the characters with lowest level.

2. About Tollgate
The monster level in story mode and normal mode in the tollgate should be the same.
The monster level in challenge mode in the tollgate depends on the average level of appearing characters.
The character will not obtain any experience if you kill a monster under character 3-level.

3. About Damage
The damage of all attacking skills should ignore defense.
The damage of all traps is proportional to health.
The damage from all regular attacks depends on both the personal attack capacity and defending capacity of enemies.

4. About Strengthening
If you want to release the skill continuously, you may go to the soul altar to enhance the soul maximum.
If you want to enhance the skill effect, you may go to the historical remains at nightfall to upgrade the skill level.
If you want to strengthen the team capacity, you may go to the Cella stronghold to upgrade the array level.

5. About Skills
After the characters die, the experiences and gold coins obtained before will be reserved, so it is unnecessary to start again.
After the battle finishes, dont forget to go to the holy-light church to cure the characters that have lost too much blood.
Before each battle, you should remember to go to the soul altar to fill up the soul balls.

6. About Reward
The property of lucky values and the level differences of both sides may affect the hitting, dodging, and critical striking of the characters.
The number of treasure box keys awarded after passing the tollgate depends on the number of monsters being killed and the number of appearances.
The number of falling gold coins and soul balls by the monster depends on the level of monsters.
05-17-2012, 10:22 AM
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Looks interesting but it's hard to figure out exactly what type of game this is - the mention of "formations" makes me think it's similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. Anyone have any more info?

05-17-2012, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by aceyprime View Post
Looks interesting but it's hard to figure out exactly what type of game this is - the mention of "formations" makes me think it's similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. Anyone have any more info?
I picked this up last night. It's definitely interesting, but not quite what you would expect. The closest thing I can think of is Kids vs Goblins. The really odd (but not necessarily bad) thing is that you don't control player movement, just formation and speed (except when you arrive at a crossroad; you can then choose a path). Your characters attack automatically, but you can use a variety of spells and special abilities, all with cool downs. It looks pretty good, with detailed environments and decent character animation.

The biggest issue is the spectacularly bad translation (on display in the app info). It's too bad because the story is interesting ("this is how I went from scoundrel to king") but it's barely understandable. It also took me a number of tries to figure out the UI; it looks good but it's a bit cryptic. I'm not fully clear on how to approach the game tactically, especially as the monsters get tougher.
05-17-2012, 11:01 AM
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Thanks for the info!
05-22-2012, 06:23 AM
Anyone else play this yet? Looks interesting.
05-22-2012, 01:02 PM
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Played it and paid full price. First time I have ever considered asking for a refund. The English is so bad, that I don't even know the basics of the game or the objective. The controls and battles are frustrating and despite nice graphics this is truly a game I regret spending money on.

Deleted after 20 sad sad minutes.
05-23-2012, 02:01 AM
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Hi, guys! I'm the developer of this game. I'm so sorry about our game translation, We will as soon as possible replace all text in the next version. Please Do NOT prematurely lose confidence for our game,We will continue to enrich the content of this game. Thanks!

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05-24-2012, 11:15 PM

Mini Preview:

Yes the Translation need some extra Work but overall the Game hasn`t more Bugs/Glitches/... then Gameloft latest B.U.G.S 3, sorry I meant of course N.O.V.A 3 Game, and therefor I really do look forward how this Work in Progress will turn out at the End.

The Game is some Kind of Fantasy-Story-Dungeon-Hack'n'Slay-Tactics-Runner that does still need a little more Time to get polished to stand out of the Mass of new Games on the iTunes Store.

First at all the Team behind Shanghai Longsgoo Digital Technology should get at least one or too native speaking Folks who do Proof Read all Text in the Game and fix all of them and also the Descripton on the iTunes Store.

After that the Team should really reconsider how to do all those Tutorials. Screenshots are one thing but why not create an InGame Tutorial within a hole Mission with an Magician that teach us how the Gameplay works instead of all those Screenshots?!

Also the Map should get some more Love. While it does look fine I would prefer something similar to Kingdom Rush/Kids vs Goblins/... where I travel from Mission to Mission and can between those Upgrade my Heroes with new Weapons, Armor, Skills and Train them too at Arena Battles against harder Mobs similar to .

Overall I did enjoy playing the current Build besides the mentioned Points above and I like the Fact that I can reenter a Mission and replay it with a harder Settings for more Coins or just to run the other Way around in the Story Mode to see what I have missed so far.

My only advise to the Team from Shanghai Longsgoo Digital Technology is to don`t give up and keep working on it and providing new Updates and Content for it since this One could really become something Great if they don`t just give up right after the first Build.

So far I would give the current Build a 4/5 because of the promised upcoming Updates and might raise it to an 5/5 if the new Content does improve the Game or decrease it to 3/5 if no other Update will get released in the upcoming Week/Months.


Get another Designer on Board, change the Map and the Menus and you can count me in as an Die Hard Fan of the The Legend of Cash Franchise.
05-25-2012, 08:52 PM
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Sorry to see but it appears this app has been pulled from the app store. I can only hope this was because the early reviews pointed out so many small errors and that a retool will work better than an update.
If the developers are still monitoring this forum it certainly would be nice to hear from them.
I didn't get a chance to buy it due to running around doing preparations for a long weekend. I hope I can get a chance to do so soon.
05-25-2012, 09:06 PM
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Yep, game has been pulled..
That figures.... online all day, and you get home, and it's pulled