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App description: Bacoom Free: Blocks Fall Flick BOOM!

Best Performance on:
iPad 2, new iPad and iPhone 4s

Bacoom is a 3D Cube puzzle game like no other. It is created with the Unreal Development Kit and delivers crisp HD visuals.

What is it?

It uses simple swipe and touch controls to let you flick the cubes to match the colours at the top to gain points and special points from various multi-point options and variations.

The Game Modes:

Bacoom delivers two game modes, a traditional "Freeplay" mode and a more difficult "Hit The Colour" mode.


Simply match the bottom cubes with the top ones, speed counts and don't forget to swipe the platform to get those extra points. Beware of the "Hazard Cube" which will take away those precious lives you need to get on top of the leaderboard.

Hit the Colour:

A colour is given by the game and only that colour will earn you points any other colour will take points and TIME! You are fighting against time and the colours, the hazard cube will as well be against you... Can beat the high score?

Do you think you'll have what it takes to be the King of the Leaderboard and show off your scores to the whole world?

Well then let's play BACOOM!


tom161's comments:
Bacoom HD Free is a block puzzle game, where the player quiet simply matches the bottom row of cubes with the top ones to make points! The game comes with 2 game modes, whereby the second one gets unlocked by scoring a set amount of points! The bottom cubes are simply changed by swiping them to match the top cubes. Careful with the '!' cubes as they will take life or time depending on which game mode. The game is easy to pick up, but hard to crack! Do give it a go and try to beat the hi score on the online leaderboards. All feedback, negative or positive, is much appreciated!


Thanks for watching and we are looking forward to seeing you on the leaderboard cracking the hi score!
05-23-2012, 04:39 AM
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Hi all, may I ask if anyone who has played the game, would give us a little review on what is bad or good? That would be greatly appreciated