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App description: Chocks Away Chaps! A secret weapon, an eccentric inventor, a daring mission and an elite Squadron the story of the amazing bouncing bomb sounds like a Hollywood script but it actually happened.

The Dambusters App offers an authentic experience that gives people an opportunity to interact with the legendary Operation Chastise raid. - Wg Cdr Keith Taylor OC 617 Sqn
(see www.TheDambusters.co.uk for full quote)

The Dambusters® is 3D flying game inspired by the famous WW2 mission.
Retina display devices are supported at full resolution!

To complete the mission you must fly through Holland to Western Germany, bomb the great dams of the Ruhr Valley and return to England. Each Lancaster Bomber carries a secret 4 ton weapon codenamed Upkeep, aka the bouncing bomb.

As with the historical event, you will have only 19 aircraft (and 19 bombs) to destroy all three dams and the bombs must be dropped from an exact height and distance from the dam for the mission to succeed.

The three Dams, The Mohne, Eder and Sorpe, and their surrounding landscapes have been accurately re-created. Precision will be required to fly at extremely low level to reach the targets, drop the bomb (using the famous twin spotlights to gauge the height) and breach the dams.

Using smooth and intuitive tilt input to fly the plane, with multiple levels of difficulty to suit all abilities, The Dambusters® App will take players on a journey back to the night of May 16th 1943, recreating one of the most daring and iconic raids of the Second World War.

New - Realistic water with reflections
New - Fog added on Sorpe level
New - Particle system for splashes & explosions
New - Even better graphics for latest devices
Accurate 3D Landscapes for all three dams
Realistic 3D Physics
4 levels of difficulty from Easy to Extreme
Practice mode available for all three dams
Mission Control is an immersive 3D retro-desktop

Voiceover by Wg.Cdr.Graeme Morgan who, like Wg.Cdr.Guy Gibson D.S.O., D.F.C., V.C. also attended St.Edward's School in Oxford.

Hyperspace is a small Indie Developer and The Dambusters was our first game, it was created using Unity, we hope you like it.

We are always interested in your feedback. If you have a problem please email us and we will do our best to help:


"The Dambusters March" by Eric Coates is used under licence from Warner/Chappell and recorded for Hyperspace by the Central Band of The Royal Air Force.

LICENCES APPROVED BY THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE: The Dambusters® and 617 Squadron® are trademarks (or Designs) of The Secretary of State for Defence and used under licence.
05-22-2012, 05:46 AM
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Son of a...... I would be all over this game... If it supported iPod gen4

05-22-2012, 10:33 AM
Joined: Jan 2012
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This looks really good to me, too. And I have a 4S so I can play it. I just worry about the amount of content for the price. Guess I'll take one for the team...
08-11-2012, 07:37 PM
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It's on sale for a dollar. I'm not really into the WWII scene, but since the end scenes of Star Wars were inspired by the movie based on this raid... Well, you know...

Buying now.
08-11-2012, 08:16 PM
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I saw the documentary about this, quite an interesting story.

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08-11-2012, 08:57 PM
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I like this kind of stuff, but it can't support iPod 4th gen
08-11-2012, 09:37 PM
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Only able to put a few minutes into the game so far and I'm a little mixed. The tilt flying controls seem pretty intuitive and the graphics are nice for the most part, but the game seems to be missing a few little things.

Like, I said, It's still early, but I'm already noticing that the game seems to be a fly until you hit something and then start over and try to remember what you hit so you don't hit it again type of affair. At times I feel like my plane is a power line magnet. They pop up suddenly and I'm gone. Then I go all the way back to the start and fly through everything again, hoping to remember where that line was that took me down.

Also, it seems like I'm getting shot at a lot, but I don't see anything on the ground shooting. Maybe it's just for atmosphere and I should't worry about it, but it keeps catching my eye and I want to see who's shooting...

And then a power line gets me.

The next war I'm going to hide near the power lines. They're the best defense!

I'll come back later after I've played some more. Seems like a good $1 pick up if you catch it on sale. Right now I can't se the $5 price tag.

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