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App description: Real-time Online War Simulation Game - Super Power!
Become the President. Rule the country and conquer the world!
You can enjoy 1:1 battles. Conquer the world with allied forces to root out organized crime groups.
We invite you to a new world of real-time strategy game.

* Real-time Strategy Game *
* 1:1 Battles, Support 1:N Battles *
* Combat with users from China, Taiwan, Japan, USA *


Various Countries (will continue to update)
Stable Server Environment
Population and Tax System
Various Ranking System (Private, General, President)
Organized Crime Groups vs Allied Forces (with Missions)
Program keeps running in the background (No more reconnection)
Powerful Nuclear Weapons
Online Ranking
Various Animations and Voice (Gives you a sense of reality)

This game is only for iPhone users.
Supported on iOS 4.0 and above.
For detailed information, please visit our forum.

rulethe's comments:

add me~! my alliance code : 814931a0
05-22-2012, 07:09 AM
Joined: Oct 2010
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Originally Posted by rulethe View Post

add me~! my alliance code : 814931a0
This has already been posted before, also, there is a seperate forum for people who want to add codes etc. This game is such a.... derp, for want of a better word. You can see from the screenshots that it's made up of images from Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, (what i think is) World in Conflict.

If it weren't using images it doesnt own the rights to i probably wouldnt be so hateful.


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