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App description: This is the last chance for human to survive. If it is failed, there is no tomorrow.

From "The Threat", the story continues. The unnamed wizard rescued the city when it was about to fall. Now the chance had come to the human to fight back, only if the wizard could hold some time for the city to rebuild its army

- Take the role of the unnamed wizard who had once rescued the city
- Protect the city with magical power in your hand

- Variety skills, number of paths that you can take to upgrade your character
- This is the first time you can feel magical power on your finger tips. Let's cast thunderbolt, create barrier or even summon support magicians

- The objective is to build army camps and protect them from the orcs. See construction improvements and get it through the final level
- Show you multi-task skill by building while eliminating the hostile orcs

STRONGHOLD is the new level of challenge. Let's fight like there is no tomorrow
05-25-2012, 01:32 AM
Game Impressions