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App description: Machineers is a construction puzzle game with quirky robots and wonderful machines. It is your job to repair broken contraptions and build your own mechanical inventions with your toolbox full of gears, belts, cables and plenty of other parts.

Help out the townsfolk by repairing their machines: the DJ machine, a coin-operated crane, and a mechanical arcade machine, and many more. After mastering the skills of a true Machineer, get ready for your next challenge: build yourself a vehicle and drive it to River City!

Machineers is beautiful. - Kill Screen
Machineers turns you into a robot repairman, then boggles your brainbox with puzzles. - Pocket Gamer
"Machineers is a charming puzzle game unlike anything before it: you feel like you've learned something valuable every time you solve a puzzle." - Rami Ismail, Vlambeer (Developer of Ridiculous Fishing)
The soundtrack in Machineers is some of the best tinkering music I've heard in a long time. Daniel Rosenfeld/C418, producer of the music for Minecraft
I hadn't heard about Machineers until today, but now I'm an abject fan. - David Helgason, Unity
Machineers is one of the most inventive games I have played. - Lorenzo M.
I have never paid money for an app before, but for this, I will. - Alexandra Jordan

WINNER of Best Game for Purpose at Conference on Human Factors in Computing Science, 2013
WINNER of Best Student Game at Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, 2012

> 12 beautiful, handcrafted, and challenging puzzle machines
> Puzzle sandbox mode for infinite possibilities to create vehicles
> First of five episodes plays in an amusement park with ferris wheel, miniature train set, arcade and many other fascinating machines.
> Cloud Save: Save your game state across all your devices

Machineers will be released episodically. There are five episodes, or cities on the way, and each city contains 12 puzzles. Every episode will let the player build a specific vehicle. Episode one is all about cars. From there, boats, hot air balloons, rocket ships, finally a teleporter.

Episode 1: TIVOLI TOWN *Available NOW*
Episode 2: RIVER CITY*Available in March 2015*
Episode 3: HILLTOP VILLAGE*Available in summer 2015*
Episode 4: THE NIMBUS ISLANDS*Release date TBA*
Episode 5: PLANET H.206 *Release date TBA*
Future episodes will be available via In-App Purchases.

10-08-2014, 11:26 PM
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This looks quite interesting. Anyone tried it?

Edit: There are a bunch of very interesting videos about this "game" that can be found on YouTube by searching for Machineers. Apparently, this is developed to teach 10 to 14 year old programming concepts, but in a really fun way. The developers emphasize that is is not edutainment. Really pretty neat! I will have to try this when I finish some of the games I am currently playing.

Game Center: MarinasideSteve

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10-08-2014, 11:51 PM
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Tried it for about 20 minutes, and really diggin it so far. As mentioned in the previous post, the game teaches simple programming/mechanical logic, and plays very similarily to the Professor Layton games - i.e. a mixture of exploring and solving puzzles. Two thumbs up!
10-09-2014, 01:27 PM
Joined: Oct 2013
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Yep, this looks fantastic. I always like games that are smart and taxing without going too far into the edutainment genre. Looks like another post-Wednesday purchase for me
10-09-2014, 01:30 PM
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Slightly awkward choice of image in the first screenshot......
10-10-2014, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by sinagog View Post
Slightly awkward choice of image in the first screenshot......
That's a penis, There's no two ways about it.
10-13-2014, 06:46 PM
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Pretty good game so far. I played through 6 puzzles & enjoyed them. The look reminds me of Machinarium which I loved. Thankfully so far it's not as hard as that game. I'm sure it'll get harder as I move along. Story line is good & very easy to follow. Controls are spot on. Wish there were more than 12 puzzles in the first episode as January for episode 2 seems far away.

490mb installed

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