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App description: Adject now supports multiplayer! Battle your friends (and enemies) in a real-time, fast-thinking word game where your skills, strategy and brain-power will be your only weapon. (You may want to practice single-player first...)


Adject is a new and challenging word game where your powers of reasoning and deduction are increasingly tested as you try to find the missing words in a series of literary sentences.

In single-player mode, there are thousands of unique words to play over 24 challenging levels, each more difficult than the last. Against others in a multiplayer match, there are many unique puzzles of all skill levels, and you won't get to repeat any of them!

Game Center integration includes several leaderboards and over 20 achievements.

Think you're good? Tout your progress and skills via Facebook, Twitter (iOS 5) or email.

Determining the correct missing word from its length and context isn't as easy as it seems, so there are four hints you can use:
- Show Position
- Show Letter
- Letter Types
- Alphabet Sort

Hints aren't free, so use them wisely, or you'll end up getting nothing for your effort.

Not sure what it's all about?

Here's an easy example (3 letters):
"But they had reached the door of the cottage, and the _ _ _ jumped down from the chair and brushed against the legs of her master."

Here's a more difficult one (8 letters):
"In this distress, a bold and dexterous invention assured at once the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of the image and the innocence of the worship."

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Note: Sentences used in Adject are excerpts from a variety of literary sources.
Thus it contains a wide range of sentence styles, and includes both American and British English words.

* This word game is rated 12+ as it is possible that some text may allude to alcohol or violence.

slewis7's comments:

Adject: The Word Game on currently sale for 99 cents as part of the "Because We May" sale event. Since there was no thread for this game and I like it so much, I am posting about it here. It is too good to get lost in the sale discussion.

Anyone looking for a different and interesting word game should give this one a look. I have played some of the single player mode and I am really liking it so far. Even the easy mode is challenging. My Mom sat and played it with me for a while and really liked it (if you knew Mom you would appreciate this).
05-25-2012, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by s💩💩💩💩💩7 View Post
(if you knew Mom you would appreciate this).
I think this pretty much sells it, doesn't it?