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02-26-2013, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by DannyTheElite View Post
How do you pass virus on regular?
Personally I never have, I do casual mode, work out a method, then go brutal. Winning on brutal gives you regular also.

Virus mutates and costs lots to devolve, giving 2 choices
1) reduce chance of mutation (creationist gene) and cost of devolving (translesion + gene) and hide/infect then go lethal

Or, the opposite

2) increase mutation chance (Darwinist gene) boost infectivity and bonus DNA. Let the disease mutate symptoms for you as the early mutated symptoms are not lethal. Remember that insomnia, paranoia, paralysis, coma and insanity all slow down the cure and don't be afraid of gene hard/ shuffle. By letting the disease mutate symptoms for you, you can spend DNA on abilities to slow the cure or transmissions to infect faster. You can always spend DNA on a symptom if you want too.

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02-26-2013, 01:32 PM
Great to hear that everyone is enjoying the new update

Please share your strategies and thoughts with me. I wonder who will be the first person to get all the Necroa Virus origin achievements...

Plague Inc. - Can you infect the world - over 200 million games played!

Check out the new and very cool cinematic trailer

02-26-2013, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by Ndemic Creations View Post
Great to hear that everyone is enjoying the new update

Please share your strategies and thoughts with me. I wonder who will be the first person to get all the Necroa Virus origin achievements...
Shouldn't you be locked in a dungeon, working on the next virus? Why hasn't anybody chained this guy to a wall somewhere yet?

Thanks for all your hard work, Necroa is awesome.
02-26-2013, 03:18 PM
Hi all, checking back in for the update, haven't played much yet but looks awesome! Will post more when I get a chance to dig in.
02-26-2013, 05:12 PM
Some combo's

Flash mob and I'll be back are obvious, just use the abilities

Spitter Naja Mortis and Enhanced Sensory Integration
Tasty Autophagia, Polyphagia and Cannibalism, may take a while to occur and I think it can't occur once you start making zombies - could be wrong on that last bit.

I've also done Jaws and Walking Contradition, but the pop-ups do not list the exact symptoms, so I've given my guess based on the pop up text.

Jaws - Hyperosmia and Delirium (for Heightened sense of smell and paranoia
Walking - Photophobia and Cathemeral shift (for Irritation when exposing eyes to sunlight)

Who Needs DEET involves a random event - Insect Population boom - Insect Transmission

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02-26-2013, 06:00 PM
Thank you Kaggy. Now for the Necroa Virus that I can't beat even on casual...
02-26-2013, 06:56 PM
Man, I'd love to see a full-bodied spin-off for Necroa. Bigger world map, deeper strategy and slow down the pace a bit....it'd be dreamy.
02-26-2013, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Enjoo View Post
Thank you Kaggy. Now for the Necroa Virus that I can't beat even on casual...
This isn't the only way to win, but it works for me.

Genes. your favourite for DNA, Travel and Environment (I play Meta Jump, Aquacyte and Extremophile) and then Creationist.

Start in China, evolve only heat 1, cold 1 and drug 1 - no symptoms no transmissions. (you can tell I'm from the hide and infect school of tactics - hence creationist gene).

Takes a while but around 3.5 billion infected either insomnia or hyper salivation mutates. You should have around 90 ish DNA by now, 110 ish if boost DNA. I prefer hyper salivation, so if it doesn't mutate I buy it, as it increases infectivity and I care not about slowing the cure. Infected can be cured, Zombies can't - Zombies can kill infected or health peeps. So it is possible to win with cure at 100%. Evolve polyphagia, gastroenteritis, cannibalism, Cytopathic Reanimation, Anaerobic Resuscitation symptoms and Regenerative Activation, Autolytic Delay, Horde Instinct, Horde Mentality and Structured Travel.

From here on in it is all about severity. You don’t need transmissions as the symptoms thus far bought increase infectivity. Increasing horde size helps with Z-COM see posting above. Pick up symptoms that increase severity or combat and abilities to slow decay or increase combat.

Think of horde as Trojan planes. Means to infect / reinfect countries. One catch (unless going oversea, horde has to start in a country adjacent to where you want it to infect.)

When Z-COM comes along, switch to normal speed, horde from somewhere near the base to somewhere adjacent if not already, then horde from the adjacent country to the base, rinse and repeat. If you have sufficient severity and combat skill – bye bye Z-COM. Soon after Necroa destroys the world.

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02-26-2013, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by Ndemic Creations View Post
Please share your strategies and thoughts with me.
Have the auto pop Gene (meta hijack) auto collect the skulls from destroyed counties when used in Necroa virus.

Ignore that it already does. Duh huh on me. LOL

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02-26-2013, 08:17 PM
I've beaten Normal a few times using this strategy. It's a fun way to win, and can produce some great scores:

-Genes: take auto-pop, mutation chance increase (or mutate abilities, but increase is definitely better), the other two up to you depending on starting country.
-Start somewhere with a climate that will provide natural resistance, preferably with a high population
-Your first targets are hyper salivation and insomnia
-Save up some dna and grab segmented genome (grab the temperature resistance you need and drug resistance 1 as soon as your plague makes the jump to relevant countries) . You should start to gain symptoms for free at a relatively steady rate. This will help you overwhelm a few countries before they even know what hit them.
-Take zoonotic shift and whatever animal transmission suits your plague's path best (I usually take bats because bats <3 ) Your mutation rate is now completely ridiculous, which will help you increase severity swiftly. Take temperature resistance and drug resistance 1 if you still need them
-Now make your way to cytopathic reanimation. Depending on how much help you're getting from mutations, your infection load will vary but will be moving very quickly no matter what
-Grab horde instinct and make your way through several of those abilities, especially the ones that expand your horde size. Let your mutations take care of developing severity for awhile. Over the course of the game you'll want to keep developing this tree until you eventually have pretty much everything. DON'T SEND THE HORDES YET! Just let your zombie population develop and spread on their own.
-At this point you'll have more points than you know what to do with. This should persist for the rest of the game. Time to start pumping severity.
-When Z-Com pops up, start nuking the heck out of populous neighboring countries with zombie hordes. Keep developing severity and combat advantages. When you have a "healthy" adjacent zombie population, start attacking Z-COM and keep attacking them until you overwhelm them. Repeat as necessary if more than one base pops up. Make sure to keep an eye on your zombie population in these countries and focus on combat advantages as necessary.
-Whenever a country falls, send zombies to neighboring countries via hordes where you need them; you can't possibly manage your entire zombie population with 100% efficiency, so just focus on areas where they are most needed.
-When most everyone is dead, check the list for healthy countries and send horde after horde. At this point your zombies are so powerful, they'll massacre everything in their path with startling efficiency.

I didn't use the trees to slow decay or raise the dead...never needed 'em. But I did use the new genes every time I went this direction, usually one that reduces decay. That was sufficient. Give it a shot! It's a lot of fun. I'm gonna see if I can get it to work in brutal later tonight.

Edit: One last thing: Necroa is definitely much easier to handle on normal speed! As another poster pointed out, it becomes more or less essential when Z-COM pops up.

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