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App description: BaboonBash is a blast of fresh air!
It has rejuvenated the game market combining action, adventure, and strategy in one game.

The power of the four orbs maintain peace and balance in the world, but one day the baboon king was driven mad with the power of the orbs.
His brother overthrew him as ruler, but the crazed king would not stand for such mutiny.
So, he built a massive army ready to destroy the empire!!!
If only they could get their hands on the power of the orbs...
You must avoid the evil army and save the orbs from the power-driven crazed baboons!

Use the force of the orbs to your advantage and maintain dominance in your world!
The power of good shall always defeat the power of evil! (at least as long as your reflexes are quick enough)

Can you save the monkey empire from the evil that lurks within?
Download BaboonBash today and find out!

Bringing a new elegance to the gaming nation, BaboonBash will strike you with its stunning graphics and flowing game play!
Highly detailed levels and magnificent scenery will blow away your whole perception of the gaming world!
The iPhone is no longer a "device" with BaboonBash, the iPhone is a portal that will take you to another dimension!

Downloaded in countries all over the world this app is bound to provide hours upon hours of entertainment!

With 30 fearsome levels of mind boggling free play and an endless randomly generated arcade mode, this app will entertain for hours upon hours!


big12isu's comments:

This game is sick! You are these orbs and are trying to dodge these evil monkeys that come across the screen. You have to tap on the screen to float these orbs up over monkeys and around these different obstacles.

This is a skill game and can be extremely difficult if you are looking for a challenge! It has stunning graphics, flying baboons, evil cannonballs, giant fat monkeys, explosive weaponry, and invincibility power ups! Best yet... IT'S FREE!!
05-30-2012, 12:41 PM
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Are you the dev? Those screenshots are not sexy enough, you need a video to convince people from downloading your app.

Ell Tee
(aka. Antony)