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App description: Dead Cities is a Location-Based zombie survival online game. You will fight zombies at real venues that you walk every day, in real cities that you live and work in.

An unknown pandemic had swept over the world, brought catastrophic casualties and chaos to mankind. Most people who got infested were dead -- then walk the earth again as mindless, bloodthirsty monsters. Luckily (and strangely), there are a few people who were immune to the infection and survived YOU are one of them.

Now, you have no idea about how and why things went so terribly wrong, yet you are still alive, hiding and fighting in this city full of roaming zombies. You have to fight for your life and seek out other survivors. The streets that you are familiar with are no more, but the spark of civilization still lingers. As the last survivors in the Cities of the Dead, what would you do to live another day?

- Fight zombies and survive in the real venues around you.
- Various weapons and items to help you surviving.
- Different events and encounters in different venues.
- Customizable Skills, Perks and Character Appearances.

Sanuku's comments:

06-09-2012, 08:35 PM
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I knew the app store was getting saturated, but this is ridiculous. These two forum threads were right beside each other:

Dead Cities - (by 第九城市)
Dead City - (by Com2uS Inc.)

(By posting this, I'm ruining it). Both are zombie games too.

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