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Want to playtest a Wizard Academy Simulation game?

01-18-2013, 01:41 PM
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Want to playtest a Wizard Academy Simulation game?

Hi everyone!

Imagine a free-to-play simulation game, where you are the Headmaster of your own wizard school! You'll get to train wizards, hire professors, battle other schools in competitions, send students out on dangerous missions, and interact with a larger world of Magic Covenants and Councils vying for your patronage and skilled wizards.

Sound cool? Well we'd love you to be among the 1st playtesters!

My partner Don and I are trying out an experiment where we have people play our game from Day 1 of the development process. So that means our ugly text prototypes will be played by real people! But the goal is that your feedback will make the game more awesome, and we'll get to something FUN a lot sooner than just developing in our isolated apartments.

So if you love Free-to-Play games and are super-excited by the prospect of running your own wizard academy
Sign Up Here:


We promise not to spam you. We'll just let you know when the first playable demo is ready and send you the link to try it out. (The prototypes will be web-based, so no need to worry if you have iOS or Android)

David & Don

Indie Game Developer
Co-Founder of Loqheart
Developing a Wizard Academy game called Wizards of Prestige