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06-16-2012, 11:38 AM
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Devs agree

Originally Posted by Candykiller View Post
Totally agree with you guys regarding the low-res graphics. I mean, how could they possibly think this is acceptable - it is bordering on unreadable.
We agree. We're pulling more "weeds" for the update.

(This imager page is one "weed" we pulled, but for some reason the the crap texture made it back in. Embarrassing. )
06-16-2012, 01:47 PM
@mysterm - Welcome to the forums. Glad to hear that you are looking into addressing the low-res graphics issues. The game deserves a bit of polishing around the edges to bring it back to its former glory. I look forward to the update!

06-16-2012, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by strivemind View Post
It's funny, but I actually prefer the pre-rendered images of the original Myst/Riven games. It felt more casual, and (especially in later games) resulted in stunning images that still can't be rendered real-time in 3D.
After completing the iPad version just now (and the bonus Rime land!) I must agree with you.

Textures and small details not at anywhere near the same level as pre-rendered, and there are some jarringly low poly models too (rocks etc). I think its the nice lighting that saves it. Still does look really nice and as a player of the original 'slideshow' back in the day, it is really nice to walk around freely!

Full 3D does actually make for easier navigation and orientation especially on some of the puzzles with having full spacial control (eg pipe switches in tree world) but some places (internal and tight for space) are a bit more fiddly.

They have added a great deal of nice animations (butterfly's, water, scenery etc) bringing it to life and it's still a greatly written game. Nice pace and atmosphere - I wish more games were like it now really!

You can think of it as not just 'hidden object' game, but 'Hidden OBJECTIVES' too! I can see how people that hadn't played before would be a bit mystified hehe

Some glitches:-
Memory buffering causing lag.
Sometimes get stuck on small steps up (e.g. lighthouse exit).
Obviously the low texture quality for text as mentioned.
But really playable.

Overall really enjoyed revisiting the game and surprised that actually its not that long/hard! I'm sure I was playing this for months to progress when I was a kid!

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06-16-2012, 05:05 PM
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Brightness control

Totally enjoying working my way through this game again. So far I've encountered the choppy frame rate issue when outdoors looking at lots of objects, for example, if standing near the clock tower right off the isle of myst and looking at the island, frame rates slow to a crawl. Usually this is not an issue however.

One thing I'd really suggest that hasn't been mentioned here is some kind of brightness/gamma control or slider. Dark areas can be rather hard to see at times even with the brightness cranked on my ipad 2. For example seeing details in the cabins in the treetops is near impossible unless I'm indoors in low lighting conditions.
06-16-2012, 11:20 PM
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Thanks for listening to my feedback. I appreciate your attention.

I have tried restarting my iPad and disabled any other "background" apps (and putting my iPad in airplane mode), the lag (especially loading lag) is still there.

Originally Posted by mysterm View Post
The devs are following.

Thanks for the great comments. They definitely help us set priorities for the update.

As for lag, naturally there is quite a bit to load (and unload), but lots of background processes can really affect the framerate. Try restarting your iPad or even airplane mode, and let us know if that helps.
06-17-2012, 04:47 AM
I'm not sure if this is a bug... I have reached a part in the game where I have to set all the marker switches on Myst island to the Off position (as instructed by the two torn halves of paper) but the marker switch by the clock doesn't bring up any controls to allow me to move it. All the other switches work fine but this one seems to be missing the controls. Anyone else having this problem?
06-17-2012, 12:01 PM
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nice welcome to the forums dev! glad to see update is being worked on, i have also tried airplane mode on my ipad 3 16gb and it still lags rebooting and ending all tasks running same thing, i have 3gb free as well...

its also nice to see that you did fix the text in the books,notes, diagrams and it was just a oops and it some how made it in the final build... the lag gets really bad in the age with the ships and every time the lightning strikes it lags the system for a under a second its just a jitter...
06-17-2012, 01:56 PM
Hmm, I'm pretty sure I have hit on a game breaking bug here. No matter what I do, I can't control one of the marker switches anymore (see spoiler post above) and I need to switch it off to access the next part of the game. Devs, anything I could try to force it back into action?

EDIT - Ha, ignore this post. It turns out that the marker switch was in the correct position to continue after all.

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06-23-2012, 08:29 PM
Originally Posted by mysterm View Post
We agree. We're pulling more "weeds" for the update.

(This imager page is one "weed" we pulled, but for some reason the the crap texture made it back in. Embarrassing. )
Nothing pleases me more than seeing devs actively respond to customers comments on this forum. Thank you, and I cannot wait for the update.
08-04-2012, 06:01 PM
An update just came out with a bunch of bug fixes and high-res books and such!