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App description: This CASTLE DEFENSE GAME is an addicting combination of strategy and action, and has been featured by Apple - Now with a Halloween special edition!

Please note: this game does not support iPod touch3, iPhone3, and iPhone 3GS.

Trick or Treat. Besieged 2 Just added ALL NEW Halloween Content!


Welcome noble warrior. You must defend Ashen Oak, your home against General Skel and his bumbling army of skeleton warriors.

Tap the screen and time your shots to repel the endless onslaught of giants, skeleton wizards, bombers, red knights and more. Earn coins, stone and diamonds to upgrade Ashen Oak to unlock new enchanted arrows to reign down a hail of flame, frost & lightning on the approaching bags of bones.

Endless Strategic Action Defend your home against never ending waves of blundering boneheaded soldiers.
General Skels Army Battle numskulled giants, bombers, archers, mages, armored knights and more.
Enchanted Arrows Theres more than one way to skin a skeleton. Unlock Volley, Flame, Frost, Lightning arrows and more to defeat General Skels forces.
Fortress Upgrades - Earn coin and stones to upgrade Ashen Oak and keep your upgrades even in defeat.
Level Up Keep leveling up to earn rewards and unlock new quests.
Quests Earn achievements and earn additional XP on your path become the greatest Archer Ashen Oak has ever known.
Share Your Progress Post your achievements and scores to facebook and share your victories on the battlefield with all of your friends.
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