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iPhone: Big Gun (series) - Mafia Wars without the Friend Harassment

06-18-2012, 09:58 PM
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Big Gun (series) - Mafia Wars without the Friend Harassment

Big Gun Series
Hi! I am representing the developer (9thQ) of the game below in writing this post! It might seem kinda negative at times for a developer's own posting, but that’s how you know it’s critical! There are three games at present:
  1. Big Gun Platinum: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id529453750
    This is the universal (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch) release of 9thQ's title, Big Gun, with added bonus points. As of today (2012-JUN-19) it is temporarily free to purchase and should remain so for about another week.
  2. Big Gun HD (iPad only): http://itunes.apple.com/app/id529460644
    This is the iPad, high def re-release of 9thQ's title, Big Gun.
  3. Big Gun (vanilla): http://itunes.apple.com/app/id482453847
    This is the original version including the Open Slaughter expansion.

The world didn’t recover from the economic crisis and society collapsed! Crime is everywhere! You are just a regular Joe trying to make yourself into a Made Professional.
Game Description:
Big Gun is what you get if you cross any of Facebook’s Mafia/Mob Wars themed games with an ACTUAL RPG. You do missions, fight turn-based battles, steal cars, gamble. You get equipment, upgrade it, equip it, sell it. No automated battles, and no friends needed, but fighting one IRL is actually the most fun you can have. The gameplay's pros and cons (including graphics and music) are below.
  • Equipment Customization – Save daily login points, buy different upgrade cards (like damage bonus cards, defense bonus cards, stat bonus cards, skill bonus cards) for whatever your needs may be, and use them on your items to gain an advantage in combat.
  • Graphics – Well-drawn static images. Lots of choices when picking your avatar. The art style for the characters is cartoony, kinda zany, yet still mature. The general feel is somewhat static, but very well rendered. There are some nice animations for various things.
  • Multiplayer RPG Combat – Fight other players in real time. You attack by stroking a horizontal line, use items (like eggs that slow down your enemy, bandages to recover health, sand to reduce enemy accuracy) by stroking a V shape or conduct a “mega combo” (=special attack) by stroking a circle shape. It tries to leave the menu-structure (kinda) and certainly deserves novelty points!
  • Completely Free – Paying for charge “points” is mainly only good for supporting the developers and will hardly help you to actually advance in the game. All the content is completely open to everyone and there are (currently) no advertisements.
  • Music – Three main tracks depending on which continent you’re on. Well done music that sits between being noisy ambience or a repetitive game score. It can be disabled, but you probably won’t want to! =D
  • Not "Friend" Dependent – Your strength is a reflection of your playing ability, not your “add-friend” ability like most of the other “MMORPG” games out there right now.
  • Forced PVP – You can fight people whether they like it or not (this is also a weak point).
  • Non-ASCII Player Names – If you can’t read Chinese, then you won’t be able to read half of the other players’ names.
  • Slot Machine – You will lose a lot of money. Don’t touch it.
  • Repetitive Missions – The same three missions and two are almost identical to one other. If you play this game, it’s mostly just to have quick, fun, one-up one another battles with your friend.
  • No Single Player – Enough said. I understand wanting to stop cheating, but...aye.
  • Jail – You can get put in Jail for various unclear reasons, you can try to break out, but if you fail then you will have to wait longer before you can actually play again. It’s a great free way to ensure you don’t get attacked, though.
  • Forced PVP – You can be fought whether you like it or not (this is also a strong point).

Final Verdict:
If you don’t mind always playing online, occasionally getting attacked without warning and no REAL missions or goal in the game, Big Gun is a great choice for a modern, street-gang-themed RPG. Playing with a friend or two and occasionally pitting your characters against one another is pretty much THE reason to play.
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