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iPhone: Did Cube update help?

11-22-2008, 04:10 PM
Joined: Nov 2008
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Did Cube update help?

I recently updated Cube, and well after downloding the update that claims to improve all of the glitches and lag that was in the game when it was first released, well....seemed to have made things worse! Is this just me? Or is anybody else having this problem?
Thanks for your replies!
11-22-2008, 04:17 PM
Joined: Sep 2008
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uh, it REALLY improved things for me! i actually played and beat 3 rounds in dvmp(or something) mode! of course, bigger maps run a little slower still, but now i can actually aim at the enemies instead of seeing them teleport from place to place because of the lag :P
11-22-2008, 04:44 PM
Just updated to the new version and running on 2.2 firmware. The load times have improved and seemed like it is faster overall, but still way too laggy to play.
11-22-2008, 05:41 PM
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No it did not. It's still trash...
11-22-2008, 06:14 PM
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I like be optimistic, but really the update didnt fix too much... it made it slightly less laggy, but still not enough to be very playable.. plus the singleplayer is kind of silly because there are just infinite baddies and not enough ammo haha

still a technology demo it seems!

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