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John Robert Matz - Composer for Videogames

06-21-2012, 10:40 PM
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John Robert Matz - Composer for Videogames (Gunpoint, Artemis:SBS, Almightree, etc..)

Artist: John Robert Matz
Website: www.johnrobertmatz.com
Contact: JRNMatz <at> Gmail.com or PM me!

I believe that when all is said and done, videogames leave something with us. Maybe it's graphics, or gameplay, or the fantastic story that has the most impact. But years down the line, what comes back to you most? What element absent-mindedly runs through your head when you think about them? What do you find yourself randomly humming one day when you brush your teeth?
That's right.

The Music.

Hello, my name is John Robert Matz and I write music for videogames. Hopefully, your videogames.

About Me:
I have written music for films, webseries (including being one of the go-to composers for mad YouTuber Freddie Wong), concert hall, and videogames, most notably (and recently) the score for "Artemis: The Spaceship Bridge Simulator" the Kickstarter success "Edge of Space", the upcoming "Rodina", "Almightree" and "Moonshot", and my collaboration on the score for the IGF-nominated, PAX 10-winner, (and Steam best-seller!) "Gunpoint".

My scores are melodically-driven, stirring, highly memorable, and completely bespoke; custom designed to match your project perfectly in feel and style. I pride myself on communication and collaboration with game designers; endeavoring to match exactly what you want and to give your game the sonic landscape that will stick in player's minds long after the game ends.

I am classically-trained and capable of writing in pretty much any style, from smokey jazz with muted brass for sleuthing, to pounding epic orchestral works, suitable for fighting dragons, to electronics that conjure up science-fictional worlds and starships that fold space and time, I can do it all. But don't let me just me tell you, listen for yourself:


Epic fantasy theme, suitable for adventuring:

A hybrid synth-orchestral main theme for Rodina:

Uptempo Jazz/Big Band:

My best Hans Zimmer/Dark Knight impression:

More peaceable exploration music (sci-fi):

Lovely music for fluffy bunnies:

Bringing some primitive drama to the fore:

Absurdly over-the-top epic sci-fi boss battle music:

Violent, high-speed space combat music:

The saddest noire theme ever:

Desperate music for a large amount of adorable animals:

Old-timey record of music for an in-universe musical:

Punchy, epic, main title music. A little old but still exciting:

Jazz-noir alleyway music. You can almost feel the fedoras and trenchcoats:

Star-trekian main theme for Artemis. Slow start, but a grand theme:

Battle-Action Music for Artemis. Violent, driving, with a subtle end:

Epic LOTR-styled fantasy cue. Old, but good; just listen to those horns:

Subtle and simple cue; for a dialogue-heavy sequence, gradually evolving:

Driving Sci-fi/cyberpunk theme. Too much Mass Effect played near conception:

Low-Key Jazz tune:

Lovely, gentle tune, with a bit of hobbit-style dancing later on:

Cowboys and Gunslingers, Ho! Ennio Morricone-tastic Spaghetti-Western music:

More music at Soundcloud:
and Bandcamp:
If you liked what you heard, feel free to comment!

As a composer catering to indie developers, I understand that budgets are always tight. As such, my rates are flexible and negotiable, and payment systems are equally malleable. Contact me with your project requirements and info and I will provide an estimate.

In short, at this point, I hope I have impressed you with my witty writing and wowed you with my compositional prowess; hopefully now those skills can now be turned to the light (or dark, if you prefer) side in your employ. If you need any additional information on me or my complete list of credits, please visit my website, or contact me for a resume.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you can use me.

John Robert Matz

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03-17-2013, 11:22 PM
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Updates to music and credits

3/17/13 - Added updates to musical samples and credits.

Let me know if you hear anything you like!!!
06-06-2013, 01:16 PM
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Edit 6/6/13 - Updated music samples list, Gunpoint and album released!

As always, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or want to request a quote for services.


John Robert Matz
09-29-2013, 07:39 PM
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Edit 9/29/13 - Updated music samples, Artemis 2.0 and Edge of Space Albums now up on Bandcamp johnrobertmatz.bandcamp.com and Loudr! http://www.loudr.fm/artist/john-robert-matz/HT66k