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SpaceCommand: New space shooter game COMING SOON: Need beta testers! (TestFlight)

06-22-2012, 12:42 AM
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SpaceCommand: New space shooter game COMING SOON: Need beta testers! (TestFlight)

EDIT: I added the iPad 3 (new iPad) to the list of devices below. Thanks.

Hi guys,

After what seems to be one thousand years of developement time, I am finally ready to start beta testing my IOS (universal) upcoming app: SpaceCommand. A space shooter game where your primary goal is to defend some newly discovered planets. Please see below about the story line, how to play and more importantly some screenshots to give you an idea of what the game is all about.

I already have some beta testers but needs couple more (5 max) with any of the following devices(OS 4.3 minimum)

1- Iphone 3GS

2- Ipod 3/4 Gen

3- Ipad 1 (first generation)

4- iPad 3 (new iPad)

Unfortunately ipad 2/3 and iphone 4/4S will not be considere since I have already enough beta testers with those devices. My appologies for that.

The only other requirement is that I need dedicated people that would give me feedback (suggestions/comments/bugs) and have the time to take the game for a real good spin. Apple allow limited of test devices per year so I need to limit the number of extra beta testers to 5. So if you are interested, please apply to my TestFlight link here:


Please note that I will be traveling next week and so will not be able to access my Mac to add you to the list of testers UNLESS you join (and provide your device ID to testFlight) BY Saturday night June 23th. After that I will not be able to add you to the list until I come back from my last minute business trip. Once I have 5 beta testers with the correct devices, I will annonce it here.



--------------------------------------- STORY -------------------------------
YEAR 4015...

Earth was destroyed by a monster asteroid almost one thousand years ago. The only survivors were aboard starship SpaceCom One in deep space reconnaissance mission.

In the year 3907, SpaceCom One's powerful radars finally detected a cluster of three planets that came to be known as the Terra Nova cluster. The survivors began to terra-form the planets in the hope they would one day call one of them Home.

Unfortunately, history is about to repeat itself. A large number of asteroids are hurling toward the planets. This time, humanity is prepared. The on-board Advanced Weapon System (AWS) is capable of destroying the largest asteroids.

The future of our new Earth is in your hand...Good luck!


Your main goal is to protect the Terra Nova planet(s) from being hit by those dangerous asteroids (yellow and red objects) For that, you will be promoted and receive medals for a job well done.

You have two type of weapons at your disposal, a laser gun and a plasma gun. The number above the cross-hair is your ammunition. Use the Fire button to fire your weapon, if you keep your finger on the fire button, the gun will be in rapid fire mode.

- Laser gun: This weapon needs to be aimed accurately to make any damage (small kill zone)

- Plasma gun: A more powerful weapon with a larger kill zone. It also deplete faster.

Use your virtual joystick to move your cross-hair over of the asteroid to destroy it. If asteroid reach a planet. That planet health will decrease. The bar on top of each planet indicates that planet's health (green, white and red)

The game has three levels:

- Easy: You only have to protect one planet and the asteroids travel more slowly

- Medium: Two planets to protect

- Hard: Three planets to protect. The asteroids travel much faster!

The number of points awared depends on the game level chosen.

The game has also two modes (so far)

HighScore: You need to keep your planets for being destroy as long as possible. Try to get as many points possible. Those points will go toward your rank promotion.

Survival mode: In this mode, you need to survive an increasily amount of time. You start with 30 seconds and it goes up from there. In addition to points you will be awarded gold coins if you can keep at least one planet health above 60% (green bar health) You can use those coins toward cool powerups like:

- Instant gun re-load
- Temporary planet shields
- Nuke mega-bomb that destroy all asteroids currently present on the screen!

Each of those powerups have a cost that depends on game level settings and you current military rank.

You start as lowly second Lt with the goal of becoming a four stars general (or even a Top Gun!) Not easy! You can monitor your progress toward your next promotion by clicking the achievements button.

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06-22-2012, 01:17 AM
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Signed up, looking forward to this one!

06-22-2012, 01:29 AM
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Thank you skeletonlord! I appreciate the help. I will add you to the testflight very soon (waiting for couple more people so I can set up my iTunes account all at once)

06-22-2012, 07:24 AM
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Signed up. Can't wait this game looks like a lot of fun.

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06-22-2012, 09:47 AM
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Thanks a lot Bparker and welcome!

Need 2-3 more if I can. Would love one 3GS (OS 4.3 minimum) if possible. Also looking for iPod touch and iPad 1 and ipad 3 ( new ipad)

Thank you guys! I am new to this community and I already love it here!


Ps: please note that edited my first post. Added iPad 3 (new iPad) to the list desired devices.

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06-23-2012, 12:01 AM
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Hello guys,

Just a quick update. I have replaced the "medals" concept by the concept of "Gold" You will now get gold for a job well done (in addition to rank promotion) The good think about the gold concept is that you can use it towards cool powerups. The list of powerups so far is:

1- "Reload": instant reloading of the guns (plasma or laser) Without the powerup, the gun ammo get spent and then you need to wait for a gun reload which could cost you a planet! With the instant reload, no need to wait. It will cost x Gold of course.

2- "Shield": All the planets on the screen will be protected by a shield (that it will show) for x seconds. Not sure yet on the amount of time nor the cost but this powerup could save the day!

3- "Nuke mega bomb": This powerup basically obliterate any asteroids currently on the screen by a major explosion! Will cost you!

So far only the UI for this done and I will need to implement all these powerups. I am hoping to release beta 0.4 with at least "Reload" powerup but I cannot really promise at this time. I really would like to release 0.4 to all who have join the TestFlight. Sorry again for the delay. I am still waiting for couple more people and of course finishong 0.4

No matter what I will try to release 0.4 to you guys (beta testers) by this coming Sunday since I am leaving for a business trip next week.

Please bare with me a little longer


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06-24-2012, 01:01 AM
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Ok guys, As promised, I sent all the beta testers the new beta version 0.4 tonight.

This new version implements the "gold coins" concept. You can use those coins toward power ups. Each power ups "cost" a different amount of Gold. Please note in the version 0.4, only the "instant gun reload" powerup has been implemented. i am hoping that the other powerups will be in on version 0.5

I am very anxious to hear from you guys (my TestFlight beta testers) what you think about the game, bugs and suggestions to make it better.


06-25-2012, 02:06 PM
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Hi guys,

Quick note to let you know that i am traveling and do not have access to my Mac to add any new beta testers to the provisioning profile. So please consider this beta test CLOSE for now and until I come back in two weeks. I am still available here so please do not hesitated to leave comments/suggestions here. If you are already a beta testers you can also leave comments/bugs here or directly on test flight site.

Sorry for any inconvenience, it is a last minute trip.

THANK YOU for any suggestions/comments


ps: Once i back, I will re-open the beta if I need to.
07-07-2012, 03:23 PM
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I am back!!

Sorry for the delay (time off without a computer Anyway, I have some beta testers reporting that the popup ads is shown after every game! Of course that 's not how it suppose to work. I must have screwup the the code before i left for vacation. I since fixed and I will send a new beta version to you guys (0.5) I am hoping it will have the second powerups (planet shields) working as well. I am not sure about the third powerups (Nuke) but I will try.

Thanks for your patience and great feedback!

07-08-2012, 04:46 PM
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Hello guys,

I am happy to announce that i just sent beta 0.5 out. Here some of the changes I made:

- Implemented the "planets shield" power up. The shield last 10 seconds and the text ON in red replaces the cost of the power up while the shield is on. During that 10 seconds the health of the planets remains the same (no damages) and a shield will appears around each planet.

- Implemented the "Nuke" mega bomb power up. The bomb destroys all asteroids currently on the screen. Of course it cost more gold (depends on the game level setting)

- Fixed the ads window showing up at every game! (now shows every 3 games)

- Fix the problem of not getting gold coins when playing in "highscore" game mode

- You are now getting 50 gold coins to start with. This would you allow to "sample" the power ups!

IMPORTANT: I will LOVE to find out if you think the rewarding of the Gold coins is too generous or not and if the promotion to a new rank is too fast or too slow in your opinion. I have to admit I am not sure how to setup the reward system so it is not too easy but not impossible. Only you can tell me!

THANK YOU for your help!


ps; I am hoping to be able to show some more screen shots (of the new power ups) but i also maybe put together a small video so you guys who are not part of the beta testing can see what the game looks like...stay tune