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App description: A legendary dungeon, filled with treasure and monsters to boot. A reckless hero arrives to strike it rich and steal the loot.

With no torch to guide his way through the dark corridors, he heedlessly plunges on: If I stick to the walls, they should lead the way, right...?

===How to play===
1. Rules
- Move the fairy guardian with your finger to spawn blocks.
- When the hero bumps into a wall or block, he turns right.
- Place blocks strategically to guide the hero safely to the treasure.

2. Traps
- When you pick up a treasure, a spike trap will appear on that square.
- Hitting traps causes the hero to take damage.
- If a monster bumps into a trap, both the monster and trap disappear.

3. Magic
- Tap the orb at the upper right to unleash your magic spell, destroying all traps in the dungeon.
- As the hero picks up treasure, the spell gauge is replenished.

Sanuku's comments:

06-23-2012, 10:52 PM
Joined: Oct 2010
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This game looks really great to me. Can anyone confirm if there is any IAP, or share any impressions?
06-23-2012, 10:55 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
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Originally Posted by AnarKitty View Post
This game looks really great to me. Can anyone confirm if there is any IAP, or share any impressions?
It's a free download, so you can see for yourself. I liked the art, and the game's pretty polished, but personally I just couldn't get on with the main game mechanic.
06-23-2012, 11:00 PM
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Forgot if there was IAP, i think there is, to unlock other characters maybe but i forgot. LOL

Your task is to drag around a fairy making blocks along the way. As you do this, you need to create a path for the Blind Knight in order for him to grab loot. The Blind Knight will ALWAYS TURN RIGHT when he hits a wall. There are traps on the ground that you need to have your Blind Knight avoid using your walls.

Sounds interesting? Of course it is. BUT...

I find the knight IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTROL. You CANT lift your finger up to let the fairy create blocks anywhere. You can only drag her around which creates walls and messes up your pathing. It just doesnt work for me. I fiddled a bit around with the game, but didnt find anything else that could help me with it, til i was frustrated enough and decided to just delete it.

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