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iPad: 招财猫 <Shogunate Gambling> iPad Game

06-24-2012, 10:19 AM
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招财猫 <Shogunate Gambling> iPad Game

Free Fortune Cat gambling game:


************************************************** ****************
2012 super fun gambling game "Fortune Cat" is finally here!
It is a slot machine with all kinds of playing styles, including Concateric artillery, Bounty, L R pat and Deck sweep, which brings you a completely different gamling experience with the special culture background.
There are more than 50 achievements waiting for you to challenge. Fortune cat will bring you luck on the fortune.

The new iPad with Retina 2048x1536 resolution is perfectly supported.
************************************************** ****************

For iPhone/iPod Touch version, please download it from here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zhao-cai-mao-shou-ji-ban/id530507-

[Play Instructions]:
There are 8 betting objects: Rice Roll, Flagon,Famicom,drum,Yata mirror,Rubber human statues, Genshi Monogatali, Fortune Cat; Each object represents different odds, from 2, 3, 5 to 500 times.

[Concateric Artillery]: If it is rolling to the Contateric Artillery, there will be an opportunity to win 2-12 times

[L and R]: Represents the Deck Sweep on both high-score and low-score areas. As long as one area is bet, you will win.

[Left and Right Bid]: There are 7 opportunities. Once you win it, you will get doubled. Fortune Cat will give you the luck if you win 7 times

[Bounty]: If left and right pat is lost, no problem! The lost bounty will be put in the pool. Once luck comes, it will be returned completely. You can easily check the balance of the bounty pool on the right top corner of the screen. Every round will have some probability to withdraw partial bounty (maximumly all) and show it in the lucky star. If there are many enough objects you bet are won (green frame is flashing), there will be even more bounty on top of the bounty pool.

Kind Reminder:
★★ Due to the Concateric Artillery and Deck Sweep, you do not need to bet on a single object with some certain times. Comprehensive betting will bring you more surprise.
★★ LR Bid and Bounty have the requirement for betting(usually 1/5 of the betting limit). There will be a green frame shown once it reaches the level. To facilitate the operation, we will pause the bet when your bet reaches this standard level.
★★ The limit of bet on a signle object is 1/2 of the total limit. In order to get LR Bid and Bounty, we will pause bet when 1/5 level is reached. This does not mean that it is already the total limit. You can still bet on this object.
★★ Besides the objects with 2, 3, 5 times, other objects might have different odds eveytime when the game is played. Theoratically, the higher the odds is, the lower chance you will win. But we still believe that playing this game depends on your luck and intuition.
★★ If you need to repeat the bet made last time, just click "START" button
★★ If you would like to stop LR Bid. Please click "START" to deposit the money
★★ This game provides you with 9 levels. Bet limit is from 100 to 999. Besides, the limit of Bounty and Concateric Artillery will be increasd.

More coming!!!
☆☆ Culturial background is one of our special feature. The first version brings you the Japanese culture. Hope you can win a lot!
☆☆ Career mode will be released soon. We will bring you more Cultures, including Chinese.
☆☆ Thank you for your support on MoDaoTang Game! More interesting games are coming. Please visit our social websites:

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The game is free now!