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Best non-Cave shumps

06-27-2012, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by thevagrant View Post
If you mainly play on ipad, you can indeed pass on Rayforce and Raystorm, even though I'd say Raystorm is a good enough game to endure the black stripes and occasionnal 'swipe out the game area' problems. If your priority is on graphics though, they're obviously very far from, say, Phoenix HD.

But you really owe to yourself to try Dariusburst SP, which is very good looking and absolutely great to play.

As for SIIG, it still is for me one of the very best game on ios, shmup or not. It is kind of experimental and may not appeal to everyone. But if you find any appeal in its aestethics, you have a great game with a lot of deepness and replayability hidden under its apparent simplicity. It is a different kind of shmup, right between true bullet hell and regular shmup, with very different gameplays depending on the ship you choose, and a real challenge on higher difficulty. Visual, music and game design are out of this world. In a very good way.
Ok, you have made up my mind on buying dariusburst and space invaders, would wait for a sale, but looking at appshopper, looks like at best it will be at christmas time. So I guess I might as well get them now. I sure look forward to playing them, cause those along with my cave games and space tripper and mutantstorm will make my collection complete for now.
06-29-2012, 06:38 AM
Great to see you guys like Phoenix HD so much, truly awesome! We'll be adding tons of cool stuff as well to keep your shmup needs satisfied

Originally Posted by Royce View Post
Speaking of the Phoenix music, does anyone still miss the original score? I love the new song but still wish sometimes I could switch back to the original.
From our FAQ
I liked the old Soundtrack better, can I choose that?
Yes. The composer has made both music tracks available to download for free on his website. Just place the track on your iOS device and play it via the iPod App while playing Phoenix.
It's not perfect, but it's possible!

06-29-2012, 04:15 PM
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Exexe and picopico fighters are both great games. Tiny install sizes. The graphics on both are very basic, but gameplay is very fun.

Exexe has gameplay similar to the old cave game dangun feveron.

Favourites: Pix'N'Love Rush - Forget Me Not - Dungeon Raid - and all of CAVE's shmups
06-29-2012, 04:37 PM
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I'm partial to Danmaku Unlimited and Lightning Fighter.

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06-29-2012, 05:04 PM
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Well, thanks to the vagrant and royce, I bought Dariusburst and Space Invaders Infinity Gene (spig). I had allocated money to buy bug princess 2 black label, but didn't purchase it due to the new inapps and also didn't seem all that much different than bug princess 2 which I already had along with Bug Princess.

So, instead of waiting for a sale for Darius and spig, which I figured would come xmas time, I went ahead and paid full price for both which cost me about $15. So as you know some have posted before, skip the soda pop, and buy the 99 cent app. For me, I didn't eat anything at all yesterday (breakfast, lunch, dinner), so I could buy the apps. I'm just kidding by the way.

Well, have to say at first I was a little disappointed, had second thoughts, why didn't I buy bug princess 2 black label instead? The thoughts swirled through my head.

Dariusburst, seemed way too easy, few bullets, and spig had poor graphics and kind of bad control.

But then, I dug through the options in darius, and found the hard setting, which for me is very important because I like bullet hells. The hard settings made the game much funner. But the odd thing for me, is there is an sp mode and an original mode. I started playing the sp mode on my new ipad, and I didn't like it so much.

But then, I played the original game set on hard, it rocks!!! It was really fun on my new ipad even though it uses only about 3/4 of my screen. But the controls are great, and I love the cool bosses.

But on my iphone, I like the sp mode better. Plays well on my iphone too.

Spig, at first, I was l like, wow, cruddy graphics, control, and was not retina at all. Far from it on my new ipad.

But once I got playing, it was addicting. I love how each level changes, and you evolve with different traits. The first couple of levels are kind of boring with only space invader movements, but after you evolve to be able to move freely like a regular shmup, it rocks!!!

So after about one hour, I began to see what all the praise was about for both games, and my fears of why I bought these two over black princess 2 black label, subsided.

I really like both games, and I love that both are universal and not too big in size like dodonpachi hd. I really like both of those games, and with toon fighter which I got for free 2 days ago, and with space tripper and mutant storm which I got 2 weeks ago, I feel much better.

Now it seems like there is more options on the ios for shmups, and soon lightning fighter hd and danmaku hd will be coming.

But anyway, thanks for the recommendations for Dariusburst and Space Invaders Infinity Gene, they are both great games, and I highly highly recommend them. I still probably like cave games more still, but I am glad to see the difference between cave and non cave shmups is diminishing.
06-29-2012, 05:39 PM
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Thanks for all the replies guys. I've got to spend some time with the family, but I'll try to compile a list in the OP over the weekend.
06-29-2012, 07:49 PM
This list will cost me some money - thanks folks !

My personal top 3
  • DARIUSBURST - 100 percent worth the full price
  • RAYSTORM - Vibrating pixel action and eye candy
  • SPACE TRIPPER - short said "The best game ever"
07-01-2012, 11:50 AM
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Haha..finally tried R Type in mame for an hour and I can't even pass the first stage. =P
Not sure if it's gonna be easier on the iOS version. Lol..

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07-01-2012, 01:58 PM
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Updated the OP based on what's been mentioned. Let me know if I missed any!

07-01-2012, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by awp69 View Post
Updated the OP based on what's been mentioned. Let me know if I missed any!

Wonderful list, thanks for compiling it. Now we need a poll

(also you misspelled Storm Strikers)