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What do you get when you cross a Bee with a Bubble? We're not quite sure but it might be Bee in a Bubble, the retro-tastic maze racing adventure through many hazardous hives.

You control our hero Bee in a Bubble and help him find his way to the exit in each level. Bee always flies up, so rotate your world to guide him through each maze. Beware of sharp edges that will burst your bubble!

Each hive has a limited time for Bee to complete its levels. If Bee runs out of time in one level, simply revisit a previous level to get a better time. Get to the end of each hive to race the queen bee to the end goal and become King Bee (in a bubble).

Early levels start off easy but as you progress you will find new challenges.

Features include:

* Retro old school-style graphics
* More than thirty levels of hazards, twists and turns and more coming soon
* Optional control methods
* Accessibility options to change the speed of the game
* Ghost bee - your best recorded time for each level is stored for you to race against to improve your times
* Replay any level to improve your time, get more time back for other levels
* Save game slots for up to four players

We hope you enjoy Bee in a Bubble, please let us know what you would like to see in future updates!

Ovine's comments:
Hi, Ovine by Design is proud to announce our third iOS game called "Bee in a Bubble".

Available on the AppStore.

Watch the YouTube video.

The aim of the game is to fly your Bee to the exit. To make things tricky, your bee is in a bubble and if that pops he gets upset. There are currently two hives (a third is on the way) and in each one you have a set time limit. Take too long to complete one level in the hive and you will have less time for other levels. The good news is that you can go back and try to get a better time on any levels you have previously played. You also get a ghost bee of your best time to race against.

There are three control methods, the default is to 'rotate your world' as bee always 'goes up'. In other words, turn your iPhone/iPad around so that you change which way is up. However if you prefer more conventional control methods you can use a thumb joystick or rotatortron. There is also an accessibility option to change the speed of the game if its too fast for your taste.
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The style of this looks excellent! Has anyone purchased it? Impressions?