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App description: Ever spend hundreds of dollars on carnival games trying to win a cheesy prize? Ever knock
all but one can off the platform yet run out of bags to throw? Well there are no cheesy
prizes here, just glorious revenge!

Take arms against hordes of cans as they sit and wait for you to try and knock them all
off the table. Their faces mock you as they peacefully ruin your day. Don't let them mock

In Smashing Cans, you take control picking which of the bean bags to throw at the cans to
knock them off. Choose wisely as your score will be increased with the less bags you use
to knock all the cans off.

Battle through 48 levels with increasing difficulty as you take aim at your carnival
nemesis and own the day! Unlock the "Anger Management" portion of the app after you complete the 48 levels for non-stop action!

"I love smashing those cans right in their little arrogant faces! I can't put this game
down!" - Mike Fern

RoyMan's comments:
Hey everybody! I am new here and have heard about the awesome community here on Touch Arcade so I wanted to drop by and show you all my app called Smashing Cans.

Smashing Cans is a carnival style game based off the popular "Milk bottle toss" game often found at carnivals. You throw bean bags at the stacks of cans in hopes of knocking them off using the fewest bags. There are 48 total levels involved with each one getting progressively harder. The cans change and have different attributes and some even have special abilities !

I created a Lite version so everyone can try it before they decide on whether or not to buy the full app! Thanks so much for your time everyone and I look forward to hearing about the fun you all have playing it! (it is available for the iPad and iPhone)

iTunes Link: Smashing Cans
iTunes Link (Free): Smashing Cans Lite
Facebook: Smashing Cans Facebook
Website: Mt. Everest Games

06-29-2012, 02:51 PM
This game is really fun! Thanks for making a free version, I had heard about it and was hesitant to buy it, but once I tried it, I got hooked! Damn you and thank you at the same time LOL!