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Destina Review

06-30-2012, 11:29 AM
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Destina Review

My Review

Upon seeing the main menu the graphics do not look very sharp. An advertisement popped up, I did pay for this right? Now the main menu screen also does not look very sharp, and the news button looks like its squished at the top, was this too rushed to lower it down a few pixels? Definitely does not look polished, but time to start the game. Wait - I need to exit out of this pop up again blocking the start button.

Level one gunner, warrior, or thief... I decided to go with gunner. Now the intro is playing. The graphics definitely do not look polished but it's bearable. I think it's me - the main character - rebelling against the Empire from what I can understand. 'Kaiser' is on fire with an electric powered sword, seems pretty powerful, or demonic. I guess I am supposed to fight my master now or something. Surprise Surprise, after one hit I'm knocked to the ground. But it's okay because "I can't die yet" so I'm going to be locked up. I'm apparently really dangerous, even though I'm a level one and don't even know the controls.

6 Months Later
Resistance Camp

Were going on a mission, and I can't tell who's male or female by the hair because you never know in an RPG. Anyways Rebecca obviously is wearing underwear as an armor cause that's the most tactical in this dangerous environment. Everyone quiet, crystal is talking, a blonde hair girl named crystal is pretty much mandatory in an RPG as well. They're all gathered here to rescue Urpa. They're rescuing prisoners and thanks to them, I am free from being locked up. They need my help because I know this place pretty well from my knowledge around my jail cell. I have to be hesitant about helping them though, because they rescued me and I should be alone because they're isn't safety in numbers.

Time to start the gameplay! I can move in four directions with this pad, and double tapping one of the 4 will cause me to dash. Took me a while to realize what the menu icon was because honestly it looks like a pixalized brown square. But from here I can see the status, equipment, inventory, skill, specialty, pet, making, quest, and system displays. Back to the game... Walking around this dungeon the movement is pretty responsive, wish that I was not limited to four directions though. I don't really know how to explain this but the enemies movement during a fight looks buggy. The effects during attack are pretty nice though. I also like how my phone vibrated upon getting hit, pretty immersive. The map is decorated very well but it all looks overlayed with a grey tone to make nothing very distinctive. Really nice gun sound effects by the way.

First 6 Minutes...


Now that the first part is done and I am back to the town I can definitely say the game has moved to a 6.5/10. The music reminds me of MapleStory music, pretty identical actually... haha. While the graphics could definitely be more crisp and polished, there is a lot of detail into this town. While grabbing every possible quest I could, I noticed there are mini cut scenes during a few things which I really enjoyed (hatching a pet, compounding an item).

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