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Joe Danger Touch (Hello Games)

08-10-2012, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by trialbyfun View Post
What timing!

As you can probably guess we've been super busy spinning the many plates ( or is that bikes? ) of Mr Joe Danger.

The attached photo is actually a pretty accurate version of our day ahead.

Progress wise, just this very morning in fact I put together a brand new build. I've got my trusty permanent pen to hand, a 10 page checklist of features,
bugs and other fun, and today we're going to be sitting down to give the game a proper grilling to see what works, what doesn’t and what makes us weep with joy.

With luck the checklist will be getting smaller by the end of the day, but if it doesn't the plus side is it just means the game will be even better when it comes out

And as a special bonus you can see the brand new environment on show that we're calling "The Farm". Nobody else has seen this yet so shhhhh. Secret... right?

Meanwhile.... as spotted above, we’ve just released the trailer for Joe Danger 2, which is coming for consoles real soon.

One last thing! Next week all of Hello Games is packing their living rooms into the back of a van, and driving from the UK to Germany, to show both the console and iOS versions off. We’re at Hall 7, Booth C020 if we have any German readers on Touch Arcade!

Great news
08-10-2012, 04:23 PM
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Your right next to Valve....so that means when people walk out in disgust over the lack of Half-life 3, then can go straight to playing your game?

08-10-2012, 08:08 PM
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Yes!! Loved the PSN one! Been playing great titles like Dynastunts and Bike Baron a lot in the meantime but it's great to finally be able to play an on the go version of J-J-J-JOEEEE DANGERRRRRR!.

08-14-2012, 04:01 PM
Thank you all for being so lovely!

@Hoggy110 We can dream right... maybe they'll be like "Half life 3.... Wait..Whoa! look over there dude on that super brightly coloured stand, there's a crazy little man on a motorcycle! Did he just transform into a bear on a unicycle! Oh my days I think he just trick flipped over that shark tank. My hero." - something like that I hope.

@Eoghann Big fans of both DynaStunts ( especially the train tour! ) and Bike Barron ( you cruel beast you! ). I think ( hope ) we're doing something that feels completely new , and we cant wait either to let everyone play some super swish arcade crazy JD action!!

which reminds me.....

More news, I'm not quite sure how we did it, but we're on the flipping cover of iGamer magazine. This is AMAZING.

Like the rascally scamps they are, they've also bagged a sneaky 30 seconds of early footage, including one determined blue monkey.

The magazine is on the iPad Newsstand / App store right this second, it would be great if you let us know what you think.

Speak soon everyone!

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08-14-2012, 04:15 PM
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I know you prefer the new swipe controls but if you had an alternative control system that would be great for some of us ! Trailer looks great just would love on screen buttons or the option for them
08-14-2012, 05:58 PM
@psj3809 helllooooo, I wouldn't say that I just prefer gestures, it's that in this case we've designed JD with them at its heart so they are ( I strongly believe ) the best input choice.

The image below is what i would call my worst nightmare. It's what happens when you don't make a game for the platform its intended to live on. Its clunky, ugly and does a disservice to the platform. ( and franchise... poor old crash bandicoot )

However keeping everything fair, you have got me doing a bit of "what if" thinking out loud so please reply if i'm going crazy off base, or you have any suggestions / alternatives.

( Thoughts )
My biggest reservation with an alternative buttons based control system is ( aside from point above and the fact the game is designed for gestures ),is i'm not really sure what this alternative control scheme would actually be?? More importantly how it would improve the player's experience.

So, Just for a bit of background on what we are doing.

Touching and holding anywhere on screen makes Joe duck, release and he jumps. In an alternative system we 'could' dedicate a button to this but what would be the benefits??
Allowing the player to touch anywhere on screen to perform the action means they are in control of the screen space, they can play with either hand, finger or toe.

I say touch wherever you want wins on this one?

Tricks and other actions are for the most part swipe based, with the direction of the action making some sense for the output. Swipe right to left anywhere on screen when Joe is on the ground and he pulls a wheelie, do the same in the air and he performs an anti clock wise spin. When in a lane switcher Swipe up to change UP a lane, swipe down to change DOWN.

What would the alternative to this be? Perhaps we could just have a single "ACTION" button and it will pick a trick at random based on the context, this could apply to lane switchers where pressing the Action button toggles the direction of the lane your in. In this case it could be argued that the controls are simpler in input, but what we've taken away is a lot of the player's skill, and ability to experiment.

Close call. A Draw on context action button versus gestures here?

( Interactive elements )
So the game also has loads of other things are in world ( stars, stopsigns, UFOS! ) that you directly touch to activate / deactivate / collect / destroy. In these cases there really is no direct button alternative.

Interactive elements here are a touch only piece of design, so touch HAS to be better for interactive elements right?

So thats my thoughts out loud on the basic interactions. What was you thinking as an alternative control scheme?
08-14-2012, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by trialbyfun View Post
...So thats my thoughts out loud on the basic interactions. What was you thinking as an alternative control scheme?
That sounds like the very best and innovative option and shows a lot of thought has been put into the controls. I would personally prefer to try out that one! But if virtual controls are something you're considering to make sure you have all users satisfied...

Dynastunts, Bike Baron and many other motorbike games share a very similar button control scheme (lean back, lean forward, brake and accelerate which work extremely well for the type of game). But seeing as JD has lane switching and duck/jumping; the standard scheme is not enough, and adding more buttons to cover every individual option just saturates the screen.

Maybe a duck/jump button combined with D-Pad or a joystick to handle lane switching, leaning forward and backward, and a stop/reverse button on the other side (maybe not even a button, and just tapping on the opposite end of the screen makes Joe stop/reverse)? Pressing stop, holding the joystick left and releasing stop would pop wheelies, etc.

Not sure how well that translates into the actual game, just throwing ideas into the pot. xD

Here's a shoddy mockup I made.


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08-14-2012, 09:16 PM
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Had fun with this on PS3, and now I can play this any time I want!

Glad to see you're making the game a new experience.
08-15-2012, 06:16 PM
@Eoghann I really do think our touch gesture system is the best choice because, (like you noted too) we've definitely put a LOT of thought and iteration into making the controls work really well. ( something that's annoyingly hard to show in a video or screenshots ).

It is true that a lot of other bike games share similar layouts, but I think when you play JD you'll see how different it is both in the feeling of the game, play-style and the types of interactions you have at your disposal.

I guess it's similar to the classic Trials HD vs Joe Danger comparison that often gets made. When someone actually plays both games however they quickly realise how vastly different they really are, and the clever subtleties in the controls themselves.

P.s Thanks for putting in time to do the mockup too by the way, the literal "DUCK" button is pure class! funny

@The4thMan Thats right, now you can play any time!! ( when its finally out )
Honestly though, making this a new experience rather than simply a "port" been a massive focus, and i hope you like it (at least) as much as its other console big brothers.
09-07-2012, 03:09 PM
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Here is a little article about Joe Danger Touch from 148apps.com (September 4th)
No video or new pics thou


Some key quotes from author:
- "game is in a near-finished state"
- "the controls were very responsive and accurate on iPad. There were no hiccups and I quickly felt like a natural after only minutes of play"

And another article from TheGamersHub (August 22nd) It's a nice read


"Joe Danger Touch feels like you’re carrying the epic console title in your pocket. Even the visuals found look practically identical to the console iterations; it’s a true testament to the games colourful art style and the programming abilities of the team as its been developed in parallel to Joe Danger: The Movie."

No release date was confirmed except it's coming this year

Joe Danger: The Movie launches on September 14th for Xbox Live Arcade, with Joe Danger Touch being in "near-finished state" I cant help but wonder will it be released for iOS in the same time frame rate (:

Silly humans and your 4 dimensions. WE have 7...hundred thousandths!!! (: