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Super Soccer Champs

07-13-2012, 08:08 AM
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Super Soccer Champs

I've been playing this for about 2 months off and on. So I thought I'd review it here as no one else has.


It's a football game viewed from above, with a retro vibe.

Gameplay :

The controls are virtual stick and 2 buttons. One of which is a typical kick button you may find in any football game. Holding it increases power, and it kicks forwards upon release. The other button however is more important, and it's the game's bread and butter.

For those who have never played Kick-Off, it's difficult to explain, but holding the button does not kick. It allows your player to control the ball, and brings your player to a stop. With the button held, you can then pivot without moving, and either pass, or run off in a different direction.

The idea is completely taken from Kick Off, and it may sound odd until you realise the ball is not stuck to your player. (this is optional in S.S.C., but was always the case in kick-off) With assisted dribbling on by default, you might think this mechanic would get in the way, but it doesn't. It gives the game a very unique feel, and actually helps you play a good passing game.

The AI opponent is not the stiffest of challenges, but the fun is in scoring goals. Crosses and headers work particularly well and produced some rewarding goals. Strikes from distance and free kicks are probably the weakest aspect. Neither produce goals on a regular basis.

It can be a little tricky tacking, there is a real art to getting your player in the way before bumping the ball loose or slide tackling, and until you get it, it can be a bit frustrating. Once you do, you'll spend most of your time with the ball, and that keeps it fun.



The very basic UI lets it down a bit, but on the field the graphics are pleasing. The pitch looks good, and the players are easy to make out. There's no crowd or stadium to see. It looks sharp on a retina device, but maintains a retro look.



This is the games strength. There are many tournaments to play, and each is set in a different league or tournament through the years, and each one has specific teams. It offers a great long term challenge to win them all.
The gameplay is always enjoyable and so far I'm still playing it 2 months on.
It can get a bit repetitive after many games, but that's true of all sports games. Winning tactics are hard learned, but enjoyable to execute, and that's probably the secret in keeping me playing it.



There's loads of football games out there, but very few with this style. As a retro fan, this is my favourite soccer game on iOS and I would recommend it highly.

4.5 stars.