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App description: SWING around like a Stickman Spider-Man through a dangerous world filled with Buzz Saws, Lasers and Monsters! Just remember that youre probably gonna lose some BODY PARTS along the way!

Unlock cool new CHARACTERS as you swing along like Carlzon, The Tarantula, Robotto, Zombie Grrrl and more! And if you're having a hard time swinging around, then try the worlds toughest RAGDOLL NINJA!

75+ levels with unique themes!
Five Levelpacks!
Unlock different Characters!
Swing through the levels Spider-Man style!
Awesome Mini Challenges!
Endless mode!
Settings - Turn on/off Blood, On-screen Buttons, Music and SFX!
Worlds toughest Ragdoll Ninja!
Super Smooth Swinging Physics!
Game Center - Achievements & Leaderboards!
Catchy soundtrack by Boy vs Bacteria!

Even the critics love it!

"Sometimes you just want something that's fast, easy to play, but still has something to offer on the production side and has a cool mechanic, I think this is it."
- Toucharcade

"I can see Hanger easily becoming a classic iOS game."
- The-App-Shack

"Hangers fundamental gameplay is very good and its weird, dark bent is intriguing."
- 148apps

"If youre looking for a pick up and play type of game, Hanger is a solid choice."
- Appadvice

"It's an often wildly surreal game that will give you hours upon hours of enjoyment."
- Jayisgames

"Thanks to its immaculate gameplay and terrific art style, Hanger is a worthy addition for any casual or hardcore iOS gamer."
- Apptudes

"Hanger has a surprising amount of depth, and is simply a thoroughly engaging iOS experience."
- Applenapps

Hanger is worth checking out. Its fun, fast and even a little off-putting in a horror movie kind of way.
- Appolicious

If you like Hanger then be sure to checkout our other game: Hanger World! It even has a LEVEL EDITOR!

Swing tight!

metalcasket's comments:
NOTE: Click HERE to play the Flash version.

07-07-2012, 07:42 AM
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Decided to TOFTT and check this out. All I can say is:

Spider-Man? Pffft...he ain't got nothing on these guys!

Don't let the simple graphics and gameplay fool you; behind all that is a really satisfying, polished game with fantastic (ragdoll) physics and awesome music that covers a lot of criteria. Huh? Like simple games that you can play when you have 3 minutes to spare? Check. Like blood, gore and dismembering (who doesn't? )? Check. Like Rocketcat's "Hook" games (albeit much simpler)? Check. Like catchy beats? Check. Like crisp retina graphics? Check. Like varied backgrounds? Che...you get the idea.

This is one of those games like Ace Rider or Hit the Banker...which for some reason just grab your attention and waste your time even though there's really nothing much to them. That, by no means, is a bad thing.

$1 (for now), no IAPs, both level based and endless...recommended.

Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.

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07-07-2012, 08:03 AM
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right on... thanks for the post! =oD

Definitely gonna have to check this one out when I get some more KEEEEAAASHH. =oP

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07-07-2012, 08:16 AM
Joined: May 2010
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Originally Posted by syntheticvoid View Post
right on... thanks for the post! =oD

Definitely gonna have to check this one out when I get some more KEEEEAAASHH. =oP
No probs. Always great when it pays off taking a chance on these little things.

Gotta say, kudos to the devs for naming each individual character (even though they're faceless). Even though it's a relatively lighthearted game, it's a tad bit unsettling knowing that Malcolm just lost his legs as they were impaled on a giant cigarette. It's a minor detail, but you kinda feel bad for these "people", you know?

Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.
07-07-2012, 11:18 AM
Joined: Sep 2009
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Awesome game, love it.
07-07-2012, 11:20 AM
Joined: Jul 2012
Posts: 26
Hi! I'm Christian stman, 1 of the 2 creators of Hanger. Thank's for posting about the game and i'm very happy that you enjoyed it. Especially the part about the Hanger characters having names. We added that in pretty late, after the rest of the game was finished and i think it improved it quite a bit.

We have a small competition that we started on Twitter. The first 3 persons who gets all 90 stars (thats 3 stars on every level) and sends us a screenshot get's a Hanger T-shirt. Looking like this http://asmallgame.spreadshirt.com/ . Just send the screenshot to us on Twitter: @asmallgame or mail it to "info[at]asmallgame.com".

No one has done it yet (since the game was released), so good luck and safe hanging!

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07-07-2012, 11:25 AM
Joined: Mar 2011
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Looks awesome. I only wish it were universal...
07-07-2012, 03:47 PM
Joined: May 2012
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Please make universal!

07-07-2012, 04:29 PM
Joined: Apr 2010
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Thanks, Metalcasket!
That's all I needed to hear, no need to read further down the thread! Downloading now......
07-07-2012, 06:26 PM
Definetly get this game! It's really polished and fun! There's even an endless mode!