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iPhone: Parallel Kingdom, anyone?

11-23-2008, 05:38 PM
Parallel Kingdom, anyone?

I talk all the time about Parallel Kingdom (app store link) to friends and family and on my blog. Does anyone else have this game? I really enjoy it though there's not much to do. It's fun seeing what other stuff is out there particularly if you drive a lot, like I do. Today, I found a sword I lost last Friday during work. That alone makes it fun. Sadly, not many around me play so I don't see people often. If the developers really ramped this game up it could be a winner. Does anyone agree with me here? Or does everyone think I'm being an idiot ?
11-23-2008, 05:40 PM
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Yup, I play it frequently. I think I'm currently hovering around #25 on the high scores list

But what I really hate is how you can die after you close the app. Super lame IMO

11-23-2008, 05:47 PM
Another HUGE complaint I had but I think has been taken care of is how they would send you emails every time you got attacked by a wolf or took a dump in the forest...ok, maybe not that, but you see what I'm saying? My friend Frank ("Scumgrief" on the leader boards) has come up with a brilliant idea: No one around him plays so around his house he's practically killed everything near him. What he does, is collects multiple items in backpacks and then drops the items near his house. So if he's out and about and gets killed for some reason, when he gets home, he can gather new items. So far he says it works great.
11-23-2008, 06:11 PM
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I'm back into the high score lists after a whole segment of doooommm. Back when I lost all items. (Cuz around my house no trolls, and had no idea they drop weapons) Went for like a week w/o weapon, horrible... but im back again
11-24-2008, 04:09 AM
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Man I would really love to play this game but its only available in the US...
11-24-2008, 05:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Chiller ONE View Post
Man I would really love to play this game but its only available in the US...
Same here. I'm in Australia.
11-24-2008, 05:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Chiller ONE View Post
Man I would really love to play this game but its only available in the US...
You're not missing much, as far as gameplay goes
11-24-2008, 10:15 AM
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I wanted to love it and gave it plenty of opportunity, but there's barely a game there. I kill things in painfully slooowwwww battles then I collect things that I already have, or I don't because I already too many of the same things.

That pretty much sums up the game for me. If there are any redeeming qualities, I'd like to know. I really would like to enjoy a game like this.

For now, Aurora Feint gets me my multiplayer fix.

GameCenter: NotYou_ver1.0
11-24-2008, 01:48 PM
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It's not available in the austrian app store

I am a fan of:
11-24-2008, 04:44 PM
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This game is absolutely awful. Its down right sad a concept with so much potential was executed so poorly. Its somewhat fun to play, and i admit to having a ranking place on the list of about 5000 (actually -- i DID .. until for some reason .. i reverted back somehow this morning to absolute nothing, besides a few berries)

Why this game annoys me:

1. No matter how many times you battle, you can never increase your HP. Its static at 100.

2. You can be attacked while you are not playing the game and lose everything.

3. It tempts players to enter traffic and private property to retrieve items

4. The game is not aware at all of physically impossible geography (ie: walking on water, etc)

5. If you start fighting one monster, every other monster in range will close in for a gang attack.

6. Sometimes you wait forever for players to "re-attack" while you sit helpless. Yet the second you move, you are attacked with your guard down. This is usually the only way you can continue the fight.

7. The server likes to stack up 10 minutes worth of battles and unload them within 2 seconds, rendering even the best player dead. Simply not enough time to react and use berries/huts/etc. The server is always really busy, but it always remembers all the attacks it has waiting for you.

8. You are stuck in the location you started out in, and in order to physically move the center of the map, you need to exit and reload the game

9. Some NPC can move at high speeds or run away at the last second before death off screen boundries, and get away with it. You, however, are instantly followed by a flock of attacking NPC's if you move from one extreme of the screen to the other...and attacked when doing so.

10. Extremely poor documentation on what anything does

11. Poorly implemented mail

12. Weird email notifications about irrelevant events during the worst times (aka, you have been ATTACKED BY A WOLF while you are driving or operating heavy machinery, etc.)

13. Lack of any sort of community...i have never seen one player.

14. Difficult to start game and difficult to captivate "built up" players. All enemies in the game have the exact same strength. After dying about a hundred times, you might luck out and find an item to help you...such as a weapon you can equip or maybe some armor. After upgrading these items for a cost of gold, you can kill everything instantly.

15. If a enemy drops a series of items, it is difficult to pick and choose from that pile without picking everything up. with the extremely limited amount of items you can carry without a backpack, its nearly impossible to equip yourself with basic items without dropping everything in the process.

16. Berries are the only thing that really keeps you alive during a battle. However, carrying these berries is incredibly weird. For example, you can have 2 groups of 3 berries or 2 groups of 1 berries, both of which take 2 item spots. Some aggregation is in order.

17. Lack of any clear goal other than "wealth accumulation". No quests. no challenges. No real object to the game. This mysterious dragon mentioned can be killed in two seconds with a sword and about maybe 150 gold worth of upgrades... something even a newbie can do within 5 minutes if they luck out finding a sword.

18. Items disappear or are not available, even when on screen. sometimes happens with enemies. occasional unsync between client and server.