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iPhone: Mini Wars 2: NEW & FREE! - iPhone, iPad and Mac (by Arphix)

07-19-2012, 09:01 AM
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Mini Wars 2: NEW & FREE! - iPhone, iPad and Mac (by Arphix)

I'm very proud of announce my newest game for iPhone, iPad and Mac - Mini Wars 2! And it is for FREE!!!

Mini Wars for iOS: http://bit.ly/k8nIoS
Mini Wars for Mac: http://bit.ly/MTaPdV

Youtube link | Pop Up

Mini wars is a side-scroller war game where you controls a soldier in battles full of action.

★ Realistic, dynamic, physics-based battle environments!
★ Immersive gameplay with 6 game modes: Capture the flag, King of the hill, Hold the flag, Team match and Death match.
★ Amazing retina display graphics for iPhone and the new iPad!
★ Soldier's control assisted by artificial intelligence!
★ Customizable characters!
★ Unlockable weapons, jetpack, grenades and landmines!
★ Up to 4 teams and 8 soldiers per match!
★ Achievements, leaderboards and game statistics.

What is new in version 2.0:

▶ Complete game redesign with new amazing retina display graphics!
▶ New battle arena: "Castle". Also, all existing maps were redesigned!
▶ 2 new game modes: King of the hill and Hold the flag!
▶ Support for iPad (including the beautiful retina display for the new iPad)!
▶ Soldier customization!
▶ New soldier's control system assisted by artificial intelligence!
▶ Special skills, team skills and add-ons!
▶ Landmines (a lot of people ask for this)!
▶ Dynamic environments! Now you can battle at night!
▶ Rain and snow storms!
▶ Soldiers carry flashlights to use at night.
▶ Improved artificial intelligence for bots.
▶ Improvements in the classic analog control.
▶ New menu and gameplay interface.

Watch the trailer, gameplay videos and see more screens at http://www.arphix.com

07-19-2012, 09:38 AM
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Yeah it's a freemium change from the usual mini wars game =(
It's now got adverts and more IAP than you can throw a stick at.