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Cartoon Defense: Space Wars

07-20-2012, 02:17 AM
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Cartoon Defense: Space Wars

It’s an epic story about striving for peace. Once upon a time, somewhere in the deep universe, there was a beautiful and peaceful planet called “Cartoon”. There lived a peace-loving tribe “White”. However, good and evil are always coexisting. The most notorious and vicious tribe “Gray” extended their tentacles towards “Cartoon” and began to invade. The soldiers of “White” did not choose to surrender but fought against their enemies to restore justice and peace.

The game exceeds the graphical style of stickman. This defense game is different from others. The target you must protect is in the center of the screen, the planet. Enemies come from all around, which is a difficult point to master the game unless you have a right strategy.

There’re 2 game modes in the game: Scenario and Challenge. Mini-games in Challenge Mode can be unlocked when you clear stage 10 and stage 20 in Scenario Mode. In the Scenario Mode, you follow the storyline to play 80 stages including boss stages.

The game is currently iPhone only. Some maps are larger than the area the small screen can hold. So the game will have a better experience on bigger screens. I do hope the iPad version or an upgraded universal version can be considered in future updates by developers.

The graphics are much brighter and colorful than other Cartoon Defense series games. However, they are still not that clear on iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Retina Displays. High resolution graphics should be considered fully supported in the next update. The background music and sound effects are good though.

There are 45 types of basic units and 12 special units. You can upgrade them to enhance HP/ATK/POP/SPD/RAG. Planet can be upgraded as well in active and passive skills. Active skills include Missile Attack, Electricity Attack and Ice Attack. Passive skills include increasing defense level, increasing the gold by demolishing enemies, increasing units, increasing mining performances, reducing production time, reducing cooling time, etc. The mining unit will move to the closest mineral center when you place it on the field. The control is very easy, touch and drag. The

Before each stage, you can select your units and upgrade them. Units can be upgraded by consuming gold. The gold can be earned in the game as well as bought via In-App-Purchase. In the battle interface, the upper menu shows the number of enemies that will attack in this stage, the number of mining units, the amount of resources and gold you earn and a mini map indicates the positions of White and Gray.

Besides Scenario game, the other 2 mini-games in the game are Wave and BattleStar. You can play the Wave and BattleStar in the same way as you enjoy the Challenge Mode. But you can only use the given units to play through. That’s why it is called Challenge! After 15 minutes, special attacks will be available in the game randomly and after 30 minutes special units will be available randomly. So keep defensing and hold until you can use these special units or skills.

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is an unique defense game. The sight of view of the game is no longer vertical or horizontal. The enemy comes from all around and you must have a good tactic to manage your units. The game is FREE to play and I believe that defense manias won’t miss it. The graphics are cute and the gameplay is challenging. Recommend it!

Score: (5 full mark)
Background: 4
Design: 4
Gameplay: 4.5
Overall: 4

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