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Indestructible - (by Glu Games Inc.)[Universal](Currently only in Canada out)

08-09-2012, 02:34 PM
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glu, no thanks
08-09-2012, 08:39 PM
Game Impressions

Originally Posted by unisonsports View Post
Big new update just came out - check it out!
Yup, I noticed it maybe a day or two after release. Wanted to play it a bit and then decided to come back here.

Again a mess. I don't feel organizing this. Short: Fun game but is pay2win, newbies underpowered and ragequitting, a bit hard to earn good stuff without paying - but somewhat possible, different cars are fun and game now encourages you to use them all, rockets are still OP, lasers and kinetics feel meh, leaderboard just tracks how many games you win - not against who and how you win, farming single player by being afk still possible for up to 3859 coins and xp 1929 a time, matchmaking improved greatly with 1vs1 offer, unnecessary border splash damage nerf, some minor glitches but generally awesome physics still...

Full rambling below:

Leaderboards released. Not bad - but not related to skill, just to amount of games you win (which don't mean much if you have a good rocket and some armor upgrade). I killed snafu guy in 1vs1 deathmatch for example (he's in 3rd place on leaderboard on there) - I got same points as for making a newbie ragequit. I would say I wish the system paired you with same rank players, but then there aren't enough players online. I feel players just feel underpowered against some players in the top though. They just seeing a Ravager run over them and they turn off a game. (nice car btw, a bit slow, though fixable with speed skills... looks kinda rubbish without a paint job tho)

What needs to be changed is actual real leaderboard that judges you by qualify of your play and not quantity. Newbs going against someone in top 10 should at least stand to gain something if they win. Also 2vs1 is not usually that fun if someone disconnects - due to abundance of ragequitting, remaining player should at least get some buff like damage resistance or extra speed for example.

I really like the 1vs1 feature. Basically if you are trying to match for a game, if there is another player, it offers you a 1vs1. If another players also presses 1vs1, it pairs them together. It can blow for 3rd person if it's 3/4, but better 2 players play that all 3 wait for an hour and then turn off the game.

Also appreciate the top right exit button that now asks confirmation if you want to leave. Clicked it so many times by accident, forgot to mention it before. I'm glad it was changed.

Now to stop being kind. You guys tried to fix single player farming. By using waves. Now single player waves past like 500 frags just kills you outright. It doesn't prevent farming. Why? They can't shoot you to where you park. I honestly was expecting you to add a truck with rockets or something, so that the splash damage could reach you - you went a different way by increasing damage. Only thing that puts a dent into this is, well, when at times an AI car gets sunk in snow or something. Single player playing is a lot more challenging now though - but not rewarding enough. Reaching the end (or is it the end?) - I reached like 1496 frags at least 5 times now and it just stops... It gives you 3859 coins and 1929 xp - that's good for cheating... but if you play normally and reach like 1000 frags, you don't even get 1000 coins... and it definitely would be challenging. PvP is of course the fastest way to earn cash - when game really goes live, it wouldn't be a problem I believe. One win nets you just a bit over 800 coins. Matches are fast.

Oh, you also made borders stop splash damage from rocket it seems. Sneaky. You don't always need to shoot though, just when they get stuck. Honestly, if you want to fix it that bad, just add a single non moving objective like a turret at some waves that you need to kill - simple fix. IMO and make splash damage the same it was before again, it's now is a bit weird.

I also noticed some falling into ground and just both you and your opponent dying to falling off the map with the retro lunge btw. I think only I like this car though... Everyone realized that rockets are OP (they can way too easily push you on your roof and keep you rolling, plus good damage), that's all anyone plays now (those players who don't insta lose anyway).

It's now easier to turn your car around. That now makes it to drive with your rear forward. That's fine sometimes, but some corners you can never get out anymore. I was stuck in one match at least. Also makes you instantly doomed if your front is facing a certain falling death. It's a tradeoff... cars turn much easier now though, just sucks if you get stuck or stop just before falling off the map. Also you guys ruined the fun of riding the mantis backwards with nitro on. It's why I got annaisalive.

Now what? Cars now have fuel, you spend one charge per match and it replenishes over time. I actually like this... It forces you to use different cars or pay coin or gold to refuel. That's an acceptable way to gain cash from addicted players honestly. It has a nice balance right now.

I like the changes to cars and weapons. That's fine. Maybe increase in cost is a bit too steep, still okay, BUT it should be at least purchasable without paying money for it unless it doesn't give any advantage (I'm a big proponent of skins - I do like to buy these, but not weapons or cars that do more damage). You made it so costly that even using tapjoy offers is not enough for just one top weapon. This doesn't make for a fair pvp gaming experience. I play a lot of PvP in many games and pay2win is something I always stand against or just shy away. Making it purchasable with coins, even if it takes a lot of them, would go a long way.

I honestly don't know how to fix ragequitting. Just logging on and playing a game cleans out everyone out of queue for a few hours (if there are actually players looking for a game). Maybe I should stop playing if I'm ruining it so much. :-/

p.s. one really annoying thing is when you ally won't turn in the objective to score a win and he just wants to farm wins. the objective you carry should really time out after 5 minutes or so.

p.p.s. I realize Glu Games has employees to feed - I do like the idea of skins for cash, but not exclusive weapons that give you an edge... I would hope you would look into if it's possible for your fremium model. Skins are actually something I like buying in games, assuming I play them at all. I hope anyway, that it's economically viable. :-/

p.p.p.s. Deathmatch 1vs1, you don't get a point if someone suicides. so if opponent is low hp, he can just jump off the map. plus your genius borders on sides that you added make it easier to do. great way to get trolled or to troll people

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09-19-2012, 10:04 PM
Game Impressions

And another. Last one since I'll be getting rid of the game permanently.

Found out through a wipe of my iPad that Indestructible doesn't even save your cash, gold or unlocked cars (or even freaking paint jobs you paid for) under your game center name. That's a game that wants you to spend money on it. ^^

Anyhow, there's a clear imbalance in the game. Newbies have to basically lose for at least 500 times before getting a chance in winning against an AVERAGE player. Oh, and kinetic weapons just blow balance wise - even the gold option one.

So, in short, don't spend your money (or even tapjoy points) on this game. And, unless it changes in how it handles new players, avoid even starting to play it since you'll just be wasting your time and never even have any fun.

Glu games is just not any fun. I'll be avoiding their games in the future.

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01-11-2013, 08:30 PM
game is good

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01-11-2013, 08:44 PM
Originally Posted by Sanuku View Post

Battlefield - AirCrash:

YouTube: video

Battlefield - Iceberg:

YouTube: video

Battlefield - Rocketbase:

YouTube: video

Multiplayer - Capture The Flag:

YouTube: video

Multiplayer - King of the Hill:


Menu/Cars/Tuning/iAP Trailer:

YouTube: video

Is it currently for US/CA only? I can't download it from my country.
01-11-2013, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Ayjona View Post
I'm surprised. While full of the normal trappings of the business model Glu helped create and uses as another small weapon in the war against conventional PC and console gaming, Indestructible is also reasonably entertaining (in mindless, dual stick shooting kinda way). How much of this might be the post-apocalyptic road warrior in me, finally let loose in the badlands again (with Auto Assault gone, Death Rally but a fading memory, and the always brilliant but time-consuming Darkwind Online as the only standing bastion of the true carrior, I haven't been doing much road raging these past years) with just a loincloth, wooden club and a broken bike as his ride, screaming and cackling in futuristic delight, I could not say. So I'll try to make up yer minds for you:

The primary reason for the surprising amount of fun (remember, relative definition) is probably the car physics model, and how it seems to add a little more strategy and skill to the dual stick shooting process. Unlike the vast majority of dual stickers, where movement is multi-directional without delay or complications, in Indestructible, you actually have to take into account turns, skids, drifts, acceleration, speed, and even the rare flip. This makes evasion, navigation and positional advantages more complicated, and more rewarding. You can jump off ramps, ram your opponent (both to damage and to put him on his roof), and even push your dreaded foe off cliffs, to see him explode off the nicely flat-textured landscape below. The physics are floaty, unsurprisingly, but so far it either seems to add to the experience, or at least not detract from it.

There is also more depth to what could not really be called "character development" in the previous Glu Gun Bros reskins I've had the displeasure of downloading or seeing someone else play. There is actually a skill tree with 18 different skills, each with one or several ranks. The skills include effects like increasing damage/rate of fire/armor, improved use of the active ability mentioned in the paragraph below, dealing more collision damage, extra speed after taking damage, converting incoming damage to energy, and other advantages. There are quite a few different effects, and they allow for some fairly divergent character builds. It's entirely viable to build a ramming character, a tank, an offensively focused speedy attacker that gains extra damage from sustained fire, etc.

The cars are also another concept which I can't really find an equivalent of in Gun Bros/clones, kinda the equivalent of classes/character types. There are 7 different cars (with their own complementary drivers), each with different stats in five categories (Capacitor, Offense, Defense, Agility and Difficulty), one active ability, and one passive ability. The cars differ in focus, from a quick little bugger that gains more weapon damage the faster it goes, a futuristic tank thingie that repairs armor as it deals damage, an area-of-effect-charging muscle car, a shockwaving big rig, and an energy-draining hovercraft.

The rest is standard practice. Instead of equipping your little soldiers, you deck your car out with new ranged weapons, ramming gear, capacitors, engines, batteries, intakes, exhausts, weapon mods, auto-repairing modules, armor, paint jobs, and so on, along a long list of gear.

Now, any good hobby reviewer saves the readers' favourite topic for last: the IAP! And... well, it is IAP, and therefore by nature evul and perverted (in a non-sexy way) and nasty and greedy and capitalistificient. But I suppose it could be worse:
  • There are no gameplay timers.
  • Character progression seems unhindered by IAP, and the IAP currency cannot actually be used to level a character more quickly or purchase skills from the skill tree.
  • There are no consumable IAP in-game boost.
  • Out of 58 pieces of equipment, 18 require the IAP currency. I've no idea if this is an outraging horror, or a karmalicient lenient amount, but that assessment is probably mostly subjective and comparative.
  • There is a chance all paint jobs require IAP purchases. (IAP for visual customization is one of the lesser ways of digital commercial evil, to my mind.)
  • I've found no way to earn the IAP currency in game.
  • Surprisingly, the best weapon (at least stat-wise) can be purchased for the in-game currency.
  • The cars (with their special abilities and stats) can all be purchased for the in-game currency as well, loosing Glu a probably very solid opportunity for profit.

As far as I can tell, this means that while IAPers might gain the upper hand early on, once a freemium player has reached the higher progression levels, the online arenas will not be dominated by those who see typing in their App Store password as the greatest challenge any game can offer. With the best stuff available for anyone with the right level and in-game funds, in the end, we'll all be equals.

But keep in mind that this is a beta (and boy, it shows, with placeholder art and strange app behaviour), so I suppose there is still time for Glu to go profitallistic on us and crank up the IAP machine. So, in the spirit of prevention, Glu guys, if yer reading this, the IAP is shameless and heartless, and you really need to tone it down or be accused of civil disobedience and of employing subversive or agitative language aimed at stirring unrest/overthrowing the political incumbent, dudes!

The rest of you, if you're either a fan of post-apocalyptic car combat (like me, who still sometimes surprises myself by choosing theme and setting over gameplay and mechanics), or arena-based single and multiplayer action games, the IAP might just not be bad enough yet to ruin this one for you.
Amazing write up. Thank you so much. :-)
08-10-2013, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Leegames View Post
Amazing write up. Thank you so much. :-)
In a new update, they added timers. Without it, I would say this is a solid F2P game from Glu, fun and great physics. At least they added real time shadows.
08-10-2013, 05:35 PM
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Is this worth starting?