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App description: See the Chibis Charge. These little guys and gals just love to go as fast as they can. Build up charges and send them surging forward. But watch out there are many dangers in the Chibi world but also many great rewards.

Randomly generated world and content as you play. No two games will ever be the same. The world generator can be nice some games and a cruel task master the next.

Skull of Death:
Watch out for Skull of Death. This items does massive damage to the Chibi. Only a well upgraded Chibi has a chance of surviving contact with it.

Charging is a time limited effect that has your Chibi burst forth at great speed charging through everything and collecting all the good items while taking no damage. Even the feared Skull of Death cannot hurt a Charging Chibi. Be mindful and watch for your Chibi for the flashing blue as that indicates they are about the exit their charge.

Game Center:
Fully integrated into Game Center. Leader boards for Top Score and Total Score. Charge to the top.

What the goal is:
To see how far you can run and how big of a score you can get. To help you along the way you can collect "Bolts" which are represented by lightning bolts. When you have enough of them they get converted into a Charge for you to use. Also you can collect coins and bags of coins. The coins can be spent in the in game store to upgrade all aspects of your Chibi and purchase charges directly for those that like to surge forward.

There are three purchased unlocks in the game. The first two are new Chibis. Chibi Flame and Chibi Sassy. These Chibis have more hit points and speed than Chibi Spike (starter chibi) and are great upgrades. The third unlock removes ads from the game.

In game store:
For those that want to play at the Chibis fullest abilities you can spend your collected coins to upgrade the Chibis abilities. If you are short of coins no problem you can purchase some more right there.

We have stats for you. Everything you can run into or through in the game is tracked. How far you have run. How much you have score. All shown for the last game and the totals since the first time you played.

Simengie's comments:

Pensacola, Florida - Byte By Byte has announced the release of Charging Chibis. A side scrolling endless runner genre game. Charging Chibis is free on the iPone.

Simple Controls:
Charging Chibis has a minimal control interface requiring only the attention of the player and the tapping of the screen. No complicated interfaces here. Start the game up and enjoy some simple addictive game play. Need to surge ahead and get through a rough spot? Have a charge ready? Then it is time for the Chibi to Charge. Charging Chibis blast through everything providing a rush of excitement.

Challenging Varied Content:
Charging Chibis provides dynamic content by using procedural content creation. The content generation system build simple to very complicated environments for the Chibis to run and charge through. Never see the same game world twice.

Select A Chibi That Fits Who You Are:
The game has 3 different Chibis that can be selected. Each Chibi has its own speed and health. A stronger and faster Chibi will get you further along in the game but adds new challenges that the player has to overcome.

Game Center:
Keep track of how you are doing both on device and on Game Center. Who will have the highest single game score? Who has best total score? Who is the most addicted to the game? Check Game Center and find out. Game Center not accessible? No worries, Charging Chibis tracks all the same Game Center data locally as well a statistics for every item you interact with during game play.

Download Charging Chibis
Byte By Byte LLC Home Page
Game Play Trailer
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07-23-2012, 08:59 PM
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Charging Chibis charged so hard into the App Store that it ran right off the app list and suffered a period where it was not discoverable. The Apple Team sent out a rescue party and got the Chibis back into the store and you can actually find and down load the app now. So please check it out and spread word. The Chibis are here!

Development Note: Charging Chibis was designed to appeal to the people that love Chibi based games in the style of GameMaker games. From using Chibi characters to using a 32x32 tileset the game is built around that style. So if you have a friends that just have to have Chibi style games be sure to let them know.

Play Note: Chibi Sassy is the fastest Chibi and has the most HP. With no other upgrades Chibi Sassy can take running into a Skull.

I will post more play and development notes over the coming days. Stay tuned and you might learn so secrets to help you top the leader boards.
07-23-2012, 09:06 PM
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