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App description: Experience the realtime interaction in a movie!
Play in real time an action movie and defeat all your enemies in this innovative beat'em up that signs the beginning of a new genre.


A new generation of video games is born: Stay Dead is the first Motion Picture game.
Motion picture games are the union of movies and videogames.
Finally, the sound and graphic quality of a movie joins effectively the interaction of a next generation videogame, creating a unique and involving game experience.


In Stay dead, even if the graphic is entirely shot in real life, you can move your character and perform more than 180 different combos distribuited in 5 stages.
Forget about the old interactive movies from the 80's. Stay dead is a fast action arcade game with total freedom of action, combined with a cinematographic direction.


In every level of this round beat'em up you will fight against a different martial art master.
Fight with your bare hands or with a stick. Use all the classic moves of the fighting games, lifts and projections included, just watch the result of your stunts with a never seen before realism and a spectacularity that just a real life shot with a cinematographic direction can provide.

The game is currently available only in English.


* Fast arcade action
* Different martial arts
* 150 different techniques
* Auto-adaptable skill levels
* Achievements

johannaffendy's comments:

Not much buzz on this one. Anyone tried it out already? Looks like a QTE-based game.
07-23-2012, 11:07 PM
I got this after reading the snarky comments on Rock, Paper, Shotgun about how cheesy its trailer is.

It IS pretty much a Quick-Time-Event game, mixed with some music-game style timing and some turn based decision making. Take a look at screenshot #5. That's between turns, where you get a few seconds to decide whether to defend, attack, or try a combo. If you choose attack (by hitting the onscreen "right" button), then very quickly a dot will track towards a square and you hit the proper button when they touch. You can see ahead of time which button that will be (up, in this case). That'll do a point of damage.

If you choose combo, the same type thing happens but several times in a row. Again, you can see what the buttons will be (down, right, right in this case).

Sometime you can do a grab (when two dots connected by a line hit the square) or several jabs (when a bunch of dots hit the square).

You only get a certain number of turns, and have to do a certain amount of damage before you run out.

That's where the decision making comes in. A simple attack only does one point of damage, and focusing on those might not win you the match. So you need to throw in some combos (which do 2 damage). And since you can see what the button-presses will be, that factors into your decision making. Faced with a "left, up, down" combo, you might go with a normal attack or a defend. But if you see "up, up, up", you should probably go for it.

That was a silly amount of explaining for what's really a simple game. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's a BIT more than a QTE game, but not by much. What really sells it is the cheesy full motion video going on behind all the simple QTE shenanigans. Everything you do is acted out by real actors. Connect with a combo and watch it happen, whiff an attack and you see it. It feels like a Sega CD game, and I miss those! Obviously, your mileage may vary.
07-23-2012, 11:41 PM
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Thanks for the info.

I did check out the official trailer and gameplay videos but still, couldn't get much out of it without a proper review. Now you mentioned it, yeah does remind me of a Sega CD title. If only it has a movie-quality storyline........