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iPad: 1948 Dawn of Future - Multiplayer plane combat

07-22-2012, 11:32 AM
1948 Dawn of Future - Multiplayer plane combat

UPDATE 24/11/2012 :
Game has been submitted to apple for review and we have also completed a fast trailer for the game

Hi all,
we are very happy to share a first sneak peak video of our upcoming game "1948 Dawn of Future" playing on a iPad 2 in co-op survival mode.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Game will be focused on multiplayer plane combat with semi-realistic plane physics and upgradable planes and weapon systems.

The game is set in year 1948, and sees Russian and US air forces fight a secret war to retrieve and study some mysterious alien technology.

We can't yet share a release date, but it will be quite soon .

Really hope you'll like the game, and if you care you can find more infos about the game on frozenpepper.it

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11-24-2012, 11:48 AM
1948 D.o.F submitted to apple + Trailer

We have submitted the game to apple for review a few days ago, should be available soon.

We have also made a fast trailer for the game :

All comments / feedback / suggestions are more than welcomed, and great thanks to the toucharcade community who as always given us some great feedback.