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App description: The biggest update for Draw yet is here!

5 stars - Good looking and simple fun play. Quite an addictive little shoot em up. Worth getting

5 stars - Sick Game, not enough westerns around! Great art, similar to Borderlands! A great buy, worth every cent.

5 stars - Great job ! - I can't believe I've never heard of this one but well done guys. I like how you can customize your character's clothes and weapons as you progress. Each game is a different pattern. Overall it's just fun to play.

5 stars - Nice! - I like this game way better than infinity blade..

2 brand new characters, much sharper graphics, new store benefits, tonnes of new items to make your cowboy unique, and a brand new level to explore! Coyote needs your help more than ever!

Welcome to the Wild West
The town of Coyote used to be a successful mining settlement, so prosperous it attracted the attention of L. Belly and his gang of Ruffians. Theyve taken over the streets and will stop at nothing until they have terrorized the hard working people of Coyote.

Youve been appointed the sheriff of this god-forsaken town, taking over from the last one who lasted a whole 45 seconds. The dusty streets and the unforgiving desert stretch as far as the eye can see. You alone stand between justice for the inhabitants of Coyote.or the chaos and havoc created at the hands of L. Bellys gang

How fast can you Draw?

DRAW: The Showdown is inspired by classic westerns, the Wild West, a land with no law.
DRAW: The Showdowns colorful and vivid approaches bring its many characters to life.
DRAW: The Showdown is a randomly Generated On-Rails Shooter, a different game every time.
DRAW: The Showdown Comes in standard definition, for older iOS devices, and HD for iPad and iPhone 4.
DRAW: The Showdown allows you to customize your character, buy weapons, clothes and accessories for him. Make your Sheriff unique!
Coming updates will add: various difficulties, and much more awesomeness!


Supported Devices:
iPhone 4s + recommended

DelCast's comments:
Hey Everyone! I'm Bernardo del Castillo, Lead developer of Draw: the Showdown, our first game as a studio.

The game has recently gone FREE! after the last update, which is probably bigger than the original game... So we were hoping that as many people as possible will give it a try. We're very happy to hear your thoughts about it since were actively working on improving Draw as well as releasing new games soon. So feel free to drop as a line or come by the Raptus Games Website

Draw: the showdown is a universal app, so you can get it on any of your iOS devices (over iphone 3gs)

Hope y'all enjoy yourselves cowboys .
04-12-2014, 09:45 AM
Why did it take me so long to find this game!? It's awesome!!!
04-12-2014, 10:08 AM
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Oh...this is from Raptus Games. Downloading now, I thought Tap & Blast was their first iOS release.