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App description: Erika, a pilot from Angels Corp was tasked with retrieving Project I.R.I.S from a secret lab located West of Borneo Island. Upon approaching however, Erika's fighter jet was hit by an incoming enemy attack. By some miracle, Erika survived the crash but her ordeal was far from over ...

Your Objectives

- The enemies you are about to face wants to destroy the secret lab. Do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening!

- Use the two beam gates to destroy any incoming enemies. If they managed to get past the gates, use the area-of-effect 'Pulse' to clear them off.

- Manage your energy wisely. You will most likely to fail if you just keep the beam gates activated.

- Automated supply units will appear at random times, trying to reach the lab. They give random perks (like extra energy) so try your best not to destroy them.

dylestorm's comments:

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12-17-2016, 09:37 PM
Joined: Dec 2016
Posts: 3

Hi everyone,

Dylestorm here and I'm a solo indie game dev. The game's design, coding and graphics are done by me (with a bit of help from my wife on the character design). The game's sound effects and music however, are store bought.

I.R.I.S - Def Op is a simple defense game that contains a small amount of strategy elements (energy management, when to use 'Pulse Bomb'). It is relatively short and can be completed within a day. I do plan to update this game with new mechanics and gameplay styles in the near future but for now, I just wanted to get the core game out for people to try.

Let me know what you think of it. Any feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks!
12-18-2016, 06:03 AM
Joined: Aug 2015
Posts: 438
Nice simple game. Easy to get into. Can be quite tense towards the end of each level. Some of the ships are sneaky, and protecting supply ships is challenging. Best thing is that the mechanics are original; not a clone of everything else. Erika looks kind of mean; wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her. Ads don't work and produce an error message.
12-18-2016, 10:40 AM
Joined: Dec 2016
Posts: 3
Thanks for the nice feedback Stronsay I do notice the ads are kind of hit or miss. Will take another look at the codes and see what I can fix.