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Forged in the minds of battle-hardened gamers, Trigger Fist delivers precisely what you want in the shooter experience. Fluid controls coupled with exceptional gameplay.

"What's Hot" - iTunes App Store (Dec 2012)
"What We're Playing" - iTunes App Store (Aug 2012)
"New and Noteworthy" - iTunes App Store (Aug 2012)

"Finally, a Shooter Tailor Made for Mobile" - TouchArcade (4.5/5)

"Any doubt that I could enjoy a third-person shooter with nothing more than a touch screen has been completely removed. Im a believer." - 148Apps (4.5/5)

"It's tough, brutal, and entices you back to your feet after every kill with the promise of swift and delicious revenge. This isn't a console shooter - it's an iOS shooter, and it's bloody marvelous." - Pocket Gamer UK (9/10) "Gold Award"

"Trigger Fist is beautifully designed, bringing you head-to-head with AI or actual combatants in an addictive shoot-out that gets better the more you play." - SlideToPlay (4/4) "Must Have"

"slick, lean and incredibly fun" - App Spy (4/5)

"Trigger Fist is a revolutionary step in mobile gaming. With spectacular visual presentation, grandiose game mechanics and perfect controls. Trigger Fist is without doubt, the best Third-Person Shooter in the App Store and one of the most impressive surprises in 2012!" - (5/5) "Editor's Choice Award"

Dominate your friends in intense modern day firefights across six unique environments in four multiplayer modes. Scratch your shooter itch on the go with Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Sacred Goat -- a team based scenario with the objective of carrying a disgruntled goat around the battlefield for the maximum amount of time.

Experience hours of challenging fun as you compete online with other gamers across the globe through Game Center Matchmaking and Online Leaderboards. Unlock numerous new weapons, skins, and perks as you progress through the ranks. Offline? No Problem. Highly sophisticated AI will find cover, camp around objectives, and work with you as you battle for supremacy. Trigger Fist is equally enjoyable online and off.

If you are a fan of the shooter genre, it is time to see how good touch screen shooters can be. With Trigger Fist, everyone who has an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will find something to love.

Universal App: Trigger Fist is compatible with iPod touch 3rd generation (32GB and 64GB models only), iPod touch 4th generation, iPod touch 5th generation, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, all full size iPads and the iPad Mini.

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08-07-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Rip73 View Post
What he said ^
08-07-2012, 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by k1lljoy_89 View Post
What he said ^
What he said ^

08-07-2012, 03:03 PM
I hope it doesn't have a huge file size,space is really tight for at the moment.(time to start deleting) Sanuku where are you with the video?

08-07-2012, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by WCFields View Post
I hope it doesn't have a huge file size,space is really tight for at the moment.(time to start deleting) Sanuku where are you with the video?
196 mb installed.

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sheeeit! i want me sum goats!
08-07-2012, 03:32 PM
damn! this is crazy stuff!
08-07-2012, 03:36 PM
Not on the us app store yet I just looked... very excited for this game, congrats on the release!
08-07-2012, 03:41 PM
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Hate to be the one asking, but are there any IAPs, and if so...what are they for?

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08-07-2012, 03:50 PM
To improve the guns/gear.

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08-07-2012, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by WCFields View Post
I hope it doesn't have a huge file size,space is really tight for at the moment.(time to start deleting) Sanuku where are you with the video?
197 installed on iPad and iPhone.

Just some initial impressions.

The game is hugely addictive. The graphics are Unity 3d, so very good. No lag, very smooth game

The sacred goat is very entertaining but it is not the core of the game. Four different modes, free for all and the usual. But giving a goat a piggyback is really quite hilarious. Plus you switch to your handgun when carrying it so the difficulty increases. No game is easy to win. Plus the king of the hill mode is very good. Each time you capture a hill, it moves to a different map position so you. Have to be on the move all the time. Free for all is a slaughter fest. And the team deathwatch is exactly what you'd expect.

The game is very focused on being a good multiplayer shooter and it does that extremely well.
The upgrade system is very good. You have three characters that you can use at any time. Each gains their own xp as you use them and then global xp for yourself. Each has a range of weapons and skills.

Controls are spot on. Have no problem with them. Fully customisable and very responsive. I've repositioned all the buttons to the exactly where I want them on both ipad and iphone. They don't resize but they don't need to.

Also, if you get hit a couple of times, you die. There is regenerate in it if you manage to find cover. Don't expect any armour assists or unnecessary benefits to surviving. If you're hit, your probably dead. Just like reality so much better than most shooters.

The maps are just about the right size for iPad or iPhone. Not too big, not too small. Six in total. A lot of very good cover points, walls and windows to leap over and through.

One word of warning (in a good way), do not assume the AI can be beaten easily. They cannot. The AI are clever sons of ....., they are kicking my ass. They camp. They flank. They sneak up behind you when you're camping. They don't hang around in the open. They work together to set traps. They are accurate shooters. They want to win easily as much as you do. They will kill you a lot. It's a great challenge and especially handy with no wifi or cell signal because you will it very hard to tell the difference. They don't funnell down routes together and are good at ducking behind cover. You will not find them hanging around waiting to get shot in the middle of a map. You'll find them camping there waiting to kill you. They also work together as a team and adapt to the different modes. Haven't played real people yet but haven't felt I need to either. I cannot stress how clever the AI is. It is definitely very impressive that they managed to add the intelligence to AI.

The aiming accurately took a bit of getting used to but the auto zoom when an enemy is in range of your particular weapon is great. The mistake I made is that I thought it was full aim assist, that once it zoomed all you have to do is hit fire button but thats not the case, you actually have to aim as well. The enemy just ducks your fire given half a chance. Overall now I'm much happier with it now my skills have basically improved.

Oh yeah, meant to say this is not a run and gun type of game. It actually requires tactics and a planning. Running around the place, trying to shoots enemies will get you killed a lot. My advice is camp and move because once you shoot, the enemy will know where you are because your gunfire shows up on the radar. You'll get flanked and shot in the back. The AI is simply that clever.

No sprint button for those that ask about it either. Sprint is not necessary in this. The maps are not too big to require it. Plus sprint will put you out in the open where you'll get shot.

There is iap to buy the next thing that unlocks but its just a way of avoiding having to earn the xp because all the weapons and perks unlock as you level up anyway so everything is available through gameplay. There is nothing in iap that can't be got by simply playing the game so no problem there.

Overall, the game is very good. It is easily a recommended buy. It is great fun because it is focused on being a shooter. What more could you want?

What it initially reminded me of is when I got MC2 first when it came out. I loved that game, it was huge fun but I couldn't understand why I related this game and MC2. They seemed to be equally as good fun but Trigger Fist has substantially better graphics. One is fps, the other tps and so on. Some pretty obvious differences.
Then someone pointed out to me that the two have the same focus on being fun online shooters without all this extra unnecessary content jammed in there that takes away from the gameplay itself. And that point is spot on. The gameplay itself is the best and most entertaining part of the game. You won't be distracted by complex weapon, skills, add ons, customisation options. I simply want to get in there with a gun that suits a particular tactic and shoots some enemy. The fun part of the game.

And the more I play, the more I want to play. Very impressed with the gameplay and the game overall.
And some will find little faults with the game along the lines of Nova 3 has better graphics or other little things that like no sprint button. And both might be true but believe me the core gameplay itself is far more tactical and strategic and quite simply a lot more fun. Some I've played recently got boring quite fast or had no real tactical element (camping is not a tactic by the way, flanking and moving position and team play is), this definitely will not get boring.

There is more to the game than what I've said here but ye'll all figure that out as ye go along. Definitely buy it though, I'm looking forward to playing some of my old MC3 compatriots.

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