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My Goal Defense review!

08-02-2012, 04:29 AM
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My Goal Defense review!

Goal Defense (sic) is the newest effort from Dynamic Pixels, developers of MewSim and Pick a Piggy. It's a classic tower defence game with a sports/jock theme and a lot of humour.

The first thing that I noticed when I launched the game is the nice loading screen, which took me back gym class in high school immediately with the stop watch on the corner. Never been much of an athlete but I do enjoy the occasional TV sporting event.

I started playing.. Was taken to the field, a football field with the line markers but no goals or end-zones - just the trophy, which I was supposed to defend from bad, evil.. rope skippers! Imagine this you guys. And how were I to defend it? Baseball pitchers! My guys play the blue team which is fine by me as it's my third favourite colour. The feisty red rope skippers were attacking from left to right but they did not stand much chance against my men, who were.. pitching.. like crazy.

Next to be met were the runners.. a faster, more powerful enemies. One almost got through, but a curve-ball stopped him at the very last second. In level 3 a new type of firearm was introduced into the playing field: bomb shot-putters! These bad boys really carry a punch! But not more than the actual boxers, of course.

The planning ahead and currency management factors are all in place, and you need to look at the movement patterns of the incoming baddies in order to make it through the ranks, also you can not block their route completely which I think is kind of disappointing because there's no better way of stopping a jock then blocking his path with a horde of fat cheerleaders! this works in real life very well.

All your sportsmen can be upgraded, of course - just like in other more traditional tower games: For example, the fierce pitchers can - if they are devoted and funded enough - ultimately become ball cannon operators. The skinny, puny bombers have the ability to ultimately become super-strong, highly aggressive and skillful, and gain huge (possibly steroid induced) muscles.

Overall, Goal Defense is a great TD experience, and has a fresh theme that had never been done before and is implemented very well. Therefore, I give Goal Defense a 5/5.


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