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Dead Trigger Review Ė Itís Love it or Leave it

08-11-2012, 01:29 PM
Dead Trigger Review Ė Itís Love it or Leave it

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Let us conclude this one before we write the actual concluding part. Thereís no question of hating Dead Trigger. We love it and, we bet, youíll love it too!

Itís difficult to find the right adjective to define this masterpiece. This arrives as a savior, when you are left stranded on a deserted island. Honestly, we had lost hope of seeing a game worth writing about, after the last few debacles.

Dead Trigger comes in as a breath of fresh air, when we needed it the most. The game that is available on iOS and Android for a small fee is already creating waves. The gameplay is simple Ė you are stuck in a city full of zombies, whom you have to blow up to move ahead. This, we agree, doesnít sound exciting and reminds of other shooting games. However, once youíve played it, youíll realize that Dead Trigger is in a different league altogether.

The way the zombiesí heads explode makes up for great entertainment. Well, we strongly recommend marshmallows to stay away from it, as the game is definitely not for the faint heart. Call us cruel, but we loved the killing!

When the game begins, you have the option to choose the main quest or the side quest. Basically, both the quests are kind of same as the game revolves around killing zombies and earning points to get weapons and other power ups.

The shooting is simple and straightforward. Practice your aim by hitting the zombiesí head and blowing it away in one shot, or fire aimlessly to kill the zombie. However, the latter option is dangerous as you may run out of ammunition or get overwhelmed by baddies.

The missions are similar, yet different. Some revolve around escaping the horror and surviving in the world full of zombies. Others are about saving an area or reaching a point. The plan might be different, but the gameplay remains same.

The game indeed has the dťjŗ vu feeling as it has striking resemblance with the highly likeable Call of Duty Zombies. But, thereís no denying that this game is a notch above that. It packs in better graphics and friendlier-interface. Do yourself a favor and see a video of this game on YouTube to know how good the graphics are. It has the console game feel to it as the makers have paid attention to every detail. The last few games we have reviewed also boasted of great graphics, but this one undoubtedly has the best by far.

Unlike some other games, good graphics arenít the only thing this game banks on. Madfinger has focused on game play too. However, a back story is what we found missing here. Some argue that a back story isnít required as long as the game is fun, but we tend to disagree. How we wish theyíd paid a little more attention to this factor. Itís like going on a blind date, not knowing what really to expect.

These days, almost all the games have in app buying option. This game too has a store which allows you to buy shortcuts or cheats to pass the difficult parts of the game. We donít think you should buy them Ė whatís the point? Ė as itís not really fun if the game isnít challenging.

We know such games are very difficult to produce, as they require special attention to the controls and other factors. Dead Trigger, fortunately, has excellent controls. Several shooting games have fallen victim to such glitches, but Dead Trigger keeps its head high. Each player can carry four weapons, and can change them easily, when needed. Once you get accustomed to the controls, all things fall into place and the real fun begins.

Overall, this is an excellent game. The makers struck the right chord by balancing everything. There are a few glitches here and there, but itís easy to ignore them. Dead Trigger is immensely likeable, and worth the price.

And we quote, ĎWe love it and we bet, youíll love it too!í
Graphics 5/5
Sound 5/5
Playability 5/5
Originality 4/5
Overall 5/5

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