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App description: Holy Sheep is a small game developed by Three Monkeys! Well, not actual monkeys, but a three-man team of pure monkeyness.

The adventure begins when our lovely little sheep character has just been served (literally served you know, as a dish with potatoes!) But being a good sheep, our character is ascending to the heavens. And luckily, god just announced that he will be throwing one of his famous dinner parties!
Help our little guy cross the heavens and reach this awesome party!

In a nutshell, the game is like a platformer in which you cant control the jumping... It's literally as if we took your favorite platformer and mixed it with a music library browser...
I feel Im not making so much sense, am I? Well...try it and you will see for yourself!

I heard you guys like bullet points:

Free Version:
- Spend 4 Upgrade points!
- Compete in the cross platform Leaderboard
- Complete more than 20 Objectives!
- Collect coins!
- Die on traps!

Premium Version:
- Spend 40 Upgrade points!
- Unlock new sheeps!
- Buy items to help you out!
- Compete in the cross platform Leaderboard
- Complete more than 20 Objectives!
- Collect coins!
- Die on traps!
- God's awesome Dinner party!

We want (need) feedbacks!
Feel free to leave comments or suggestion, we will gladly look them and see what we can do for the upcoming patches.

Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Holy-Sheep/455115491194652

ThreeMonkeys's comments:
We would like to take a bit of your precious internet to introduce you to our baby... We are three indie developer and we just finished a small mobile game called Holy Sheep.

The game is an interesting (we like to think so) way to change the platformer genre. Instead of the old running and jumping, you do none of that... See! How new is that! Joking apart, Holy Sheep is a game in which you spin the world under a character that is continuously jumping for you. You spin and scroll the world just like you do in your music library... FUN!

Words are words but video are like super words! So please have a look at this:

Youtube link | Pop Up

Feel free to comment or rate the game if you like it(and check the premium version)! All the support will go directly to improve the game and adding more stuff.

Free! / Premium!

Free! / Premium!

More info at: http://holysheepgame.com/
08-09-2012, 09:02 AM
Little bump for today!
08-13-2012, 10:54 PM
HolySheep Premium PROMO code!

Ok then! Here's some PROMO code for you guys to check it out! So you can leave comments ><


Free / Premium!