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08-12-2012, 01:23 AM
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Aim on the right and move on the left... What's interesting is the Auto-Firing. Your job is to put the crosshair on the zombies and your character fires automatically. I think they did a good job to make it this way. It forces the player to focus on the aiming rather than aiming, but we'll see how it plays out on the final release. There's a Tap to Fire option under options, and has a toggle for alternative fire controls which i didnt bother to test since i like the auto-fire option. On the downside to the auto-firing, even when the zombies are out of your effective range, when a zombie is on the crosshairs, you fire, which is pretty much pointless. They should include some script to let you shoot only when targetted enemies are within your effective range.

Same Mission structure as the first one. Kinda like Dead Trigger. Missions have mini-objectives to meet to complete, like gather 2 supplies, then look for computer console to open door, then find door to exit and complete mission.

Zombies come out from elevators, from other rooms, from vents, etc. THeyre everywhere.

Ragdoll Physics. Limbs fall off when hit on that part. Bullet time on random moments (usually on headshots and fatal shots).

Really has a RE5 feel to it, but with the auto-firing, the controls feel a bit more responsive. RE5 iOS just sucked butt.

Graphics are nice, but there isnt any BGM yet.

Game is pretty much incomplete without some story intro or anything. Very excited with the final release.

If Glu can keep the balance similar to the first Contract Killer, this game is a must-have. But since it would be free with IAP anyway, I'd say it's a must-play from the look of things.

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08-12-2012, 01:27 AM
Very excited for this after watching that video.

08-12-2012, 01:39 AM
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I wonder why this is not compatiable with the iPad 1. It will run on the 3gs

08-12-2012, 01:40 AM
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I think I may need to create a Canadian account.

08-12-2012, 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by Stream View Post
I think I may need to create a Canadian account.
Trust me. Once you have created One you will never ever regret it.
08-12-2012, 04:24 AM
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Originally Posted by stryver12 View Post
All Glu games for me are 1-star on my books.
* Regretted playing Gears and Guts, which has a paywall at the very first chapter.
Okay you must be a reeeeeaaaally bad player then. There is mot even close to a pay wall there.
08-12-2012, 05:28 AM
It says free roaming 3rd person action. But am I missing something because it looks like its just missions sort of like dead trigger.
08-12-2012, 05:31 AM
Originally Posted by Sanuku View Post
Trust me. Once you have created One you will never ever regret it.
Can you do that being in the U.S???
08-12-2012, 05:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Scope_Reflex View Post
Can you do that being in the U.S???
You can make any account in any country really...
08-12-2012, 06:10 AM
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i'm not a fan of zombie games but i do admit this game looks really great and ragdoll physics increase the fun by order of magnitude.

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