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App description: Dear Keri Racing fans,

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continuous support and interest.
We are sorry to inform you that we have decided to discontinue the service of the mobile game.

The much loved Keri Racing will terminate its service as of 29th August 2013.
Please email us (help@pmangplus.com) for any enquires if there is any problem.

We promise to come back with better games in the near future.
Thanks again for your kind support and love.

See you soon,
Keri Racing Team.
Keri Racing is an incredible new Social Networking Game that merges tycoon game play, real-time PvP racing, and RPG-inspired pet raising which is sure to keep you entertained.

Youre a lone cowboy who happens to stumbles upon an adorable creature called a Keri. After saving the Keri from almost certain death, you nurture the Keri back to health and now the Keri is ready to beat em all and become the new Keri Racing Champion!

NOTE: Keri Racing requires an internet connection

Press Reviews
- One of the most enjoyable social network games Ive played to date. iPhoneLife.com
- What I loved best was the idea of racing against friends and family members in real time iPhoneGlance.com
- Keri Racing gives a whole new meaning to social networking gaming Appdictions.com
- An entertaining and kid-friendly free-to-play. Plus it has giant racing birds! 148Apps.com

- Build businesses and grow crops to earn gold and food
- Customize Keri with equipment to increase racing stats
- Race against friends in real time over 3G, 4G, or WiFi.
- Slash away bugs from your Keri to raise happiness
- Feed and train your Keri to keep him healthy

- Over 39 buildings and 12 crops to keep your farm beautiful
- Use gold to buy over 55 types of equipment for your Keri
- Race with your friends in a 2 vs. 2 Couple Cup or play free-for-all
- Just starting out? Then race against 5 Wanted Keris.
- Complete over 120 quests


Publisher : NEOWIZ Internet http://www.neowizinternet.com

CONTACT NEOWIZ keriracing@pmangplus.com

2012 NEOWIZ INTERNET Corp. All Rights Reserved.


NeowizInternet's comments:

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Join the Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/KeriRacing


Day 1 Winners: iANiMeX, Daver16
Day 2 Winners: m13, dreadnok
Day 3 Winners: danielfan, EfratBarTal
Day 4 Winners: TakenXXDeadly, imosmo
Day 5 Winners: megalitum, donovan1209
Day 6 Winners: banger1103, hasio_john
Day 7 Winners: Nfong, Rokrdude
Day 8 Winners: tecobiza, o0smoothies0o
Day 9 Winners: Tracy_ling, backtothis
Day 10 Winners: FreezerFrenzy, peaches 'n cream

iCade Winner + $100 iTunes gift card: Daver16

$50 iTunes gift card Winners:
1. dreadnok
2. m13
3. nfong
4. iANiMeX
5. imosmo
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Congrats on the release! Participated in beta and have to say it's an interesting mixture of raising a farm and racing with your pet keri. Looking forward of playing it again

08-13-2012, 09:11 AM
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Getting Started With Keri Racing!

After completing the tutorial you should have a basic understanding of how the game works and how to complete most of the quests. I will give you some tips on how to keep progressing quickly.

1: Quests are your best friend for leveling up quickly. Always check to see if you have more available, they are relatively easy to complete and really speed up the leveling process.
Click image for larger version

Name:	photo(3).PNG
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2: Find friends! Friends will able be a great help in Keri Racing. You can request help and items from friends to make it easier to upgrade your farm. You can also pay your friends a visit and help out on their farm and earn exp and gold. Also check out the Add me as a friend thread: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=148190
Click image for larger version

Name:	photo(6).PNG
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3: Out of coins? No problem! You can use feathers to get coins quickly. Feathers are received when you level up in the game and also can be purchased through IAP.
Click image for larger version

Name:	photo(4).PNG
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ID:	46007

4: Out of Energy? Get a boost! Similar to coins if you run out of energy you can get recharged with batteries that you can buy with feathers or when you level up it will be recharged!
Click image for larger version

Name:	photo(5).PNG
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Basic Quest Guide

Here are the quests for as far as I've made it so far.

Tap on Rachel. Rachel is in the upper right of the farm just head up there and talk to her!
Reward: 150 Coins 10 XP

Build a Nest: To build the nest you tap the section in the farm that's under construction to finish building. You'll have to tap it three times to finish construction.
Hatch a Keri: To hatch a Keri just select you Nest and select the egg Snooky ( it will be the only one available currently ) and in 30 seconds it will hatch.
Name Your Keri: Tap your Keri and it will show a screen that shows stats for the Keri, select the part that says no name and you will be prompted to name your Keri.
Reward: 150 Coins 10 XP

Make a farm: You should already know how to build a farm from the tutorial. Touch the arrow in the lower right and select shop then build one.
Grow Peppers: Tap the farm you just built and select peppers. You will have to build this three times.
Reward: 150 Coins 10 XP

Build a Bakery: You will already have one built from the tutorial so you only have to harvest it twice.
Reward: 150 Coins 10 XP

Grow Sunflower: You'll have to plant and grow sunflowers and harvest them three times.
Reward: 150 Coins 10 XP

Give Keri Food: Select your Keri and choose the option to feed the Keri
Reward: 150 Coins 10 XP

Whipping: For this quest you have to go to the Grand Prix and talk to the man in front of the tent on the right that says wanted. You'll have to go into the race with the first wanted person Minti, You will have to jump once and whip at least three times this will be very easy to complete in the race.
Reward: 150 Coins 10 XP

You need to level up to level 4 to get more quests.

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08-13-2012, 10:41 AM
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Quest Guide

1. Tap on Rachael - Just look for Rachael and tap her.

Build Your Nest - To build a nest, look for a square land with woods and rocks lying all over it. It is at the left of your Home. Tap on it 3x to build the Hatch.
Hatch a Keri - To hatch a Keri, touch the Hatch and Touch the Egg (Snooky). Just wait until the egg hatches (30 secs).
Name Keri - To name the Keri, touch the Keri and press the bar with the words "No Name" on it. Now name it.

Make a farm - To make a farm, just click on the arrow which is at the bottom right part of the screen. Clicking it will open more menus. Click on SHOP and choose Farm. Place it anywhere you like.
Grow Peppers - To grow peppers, touch the Farm you've bought and choose Pepper. Do this 3x to finish.

Build a Bakery - Go to shop and look for the Bakery. It is right next to the Farm.
Collect from Bakery - You can collect coins from Bakery by giving/sending food to it. Just touch the building/facility to give food. Just wait for a few seconds to collect your coins. Do this 2x.

Give Keri Food - Touch your Keri and choose Feed.

Jump - To finish both task, you need to go to GrandPrix and talk to the Sheriff. Choose to play with the first Wanted Racer, Minti. You Jump by touching anywhere in the screen. Touch the Whip icon to boost your speed. Finish the race to complete the task.

Grow Sunflower - Touch the Farm and choose Sunflower. Do this 3x.
Harvest Sunflower - Just wait for the Sunflower to bloom and harvest it. You need to do this 3x.

------You need to reach Level 4 to unlock more quest------

8. Get Scarecrow Hat - You need to buy a Scarecrow Hat from the Shop to complete this quest. Just go to the Shop and click on the head of the Keri. The Scarecrow Hat cost too much that it is advisable to skip this quest for now. You can still do this later.

9. Meet the sheriff - Just go to GrandPrix and touch the Sheriff standing in front of the Wanted facility.

10. Red Flower - To complete this, go to the SHOP and touch the second menu (Grass icon). Just browse to the right until you see the Red Flower. Buy and place it anywhere. You need to buy 3 of this.

------You need to reach Level 5 to unlock more quest------

Build Cotton Mill - Go to SHOP and buy the Cotton Mill facility.
Harvest Cotton Mill - Harvest coins on the Cotton Mill facility by giving/sending food to the facility and waiting until a Coin pop-up appears above it. Do this 8x.

Grow Cotton - Grow cotton on your Farm by clicking your empty farm and choosing the Cotton. Do this 8x.
Harvest Cotton - Harvest the cotton you've planted. Do this 8x.

13. Get Scarecrow Shirt - This can be bought in the SHOP by pressing the Keri's Head icon in the Shop and choosing it. This is another optional quest that you can skip for now. You can complete this later when you have more coins since the price is so high for a useless equipment.

------You need to reach Level 6 to unlock more quest------

14. Connect to Facebook - Press the Icon (Blue Face icon) at the bottom left of the screen to open up the Friend List. Click on the Face icon with a + sign. Now press Connect on the Facebook and log in with your Facebook account to finish this quest.

15. Beat Minti 5 times - Go to GrandPrix and talk to the Sheriff. Now race and beat Minti for 5 times to finish this quest.

Build an Iron Works - Go to SHOP and choose Iron Works. Build it to finish this quest. (Iron Works is the best facility in the game that gives you a lot of Coins. It gives 20k+ coins.)
Collect from Iron Works - Collect Coins from the Iron Works by sending/giving food to it and waiting for a while until the Coin Pop-up appears on top of it.

------You need to reach Level 7 to unlock more quest------

17. Invite 3 friends - Press the Icon (Blue Face icon) at the bottom left of the screen to open up the Friend List. Touch the Face icon with a + sign to open the Social Menu. Now add friends by inputting you friend's username and pressing invite!

18. Get Scarecrow Feather - Another useless high priced equipment that should be skipped until you get enough coins to buy this. This is available in the SHOP. Just press the Keri's Face icon in the shop and choose this equipment there.

19. Birdhouse Decoration - Go to the SHOP and press the Grass Icon there. Scroll and look for the Bird House item.

20. Get a Scarecrow Clippers - Another optional high priced useless equipment. This is available in the SHOP. Just press the Keri's Face icon in the shop and choose this equipment there.

------You need to reach Level 8 to unlock more quest------

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I create multiple users for this game?

Yes you can. You can create more than one user for a single iDevice. To create another user, you need to kill the app first by going back to the springboard and double tapping the HOME button. Now hold on to the icon of this game and wait until the sign - appears. Click on it to close the app. Now open the app again and click the P+ which is located at the top left of the Main menu screen of the game (It is where you see the "START" button). Click on Me and go to the Settings. Now, scroll down to the bottom to see the Sign-out button and click it. There will be a pop-up asking you to register an email, username and password. Now you're ready to make another account.

2. Can I buy more Feathers using the IAP?

Yes you can. Just press the Feather icon on the status screen (Top screen) to open the Feather Shop menu.

3. How to gain more Feathers?

You can gain more feathers by leveling-up. Each level will give you bonus Feathers.

4. Can I change the customize my character/racer's look?

No you can't. You can only change the look of your Keri but not the racer.

5. Can I race with 3 AI in this game?

Nope. You can only race with 3 other online players. But you can race with a single AI in the Wanted Race Mode.

6. How to level-up my Keri?

There are 3 ways to Level-up your Keri. One is by feeding it and another is through Training. Training will only be unlocked when you reach a certain level to purchase the Training Facility. Keri also gains level by going on a race. Doing a Wanted race or a Multi-player race will grant your Keri an experience points.

7. Can I own more Keri?

Yes. You can buy additional Nest to hatch another Keri. You must first reach a certain level to buy additional Hatch for your Keri.

8. I am low on coins, Can I purchase items/buildings/equipment in the shop other than coins?

Yes you can. You can use your Feathers to purchase them. Just keep on scrolling to the right until you see a payment by Feather. Each section had a Feather for a payment option.

9. I am out of energy and I don't want to wait that long. I want it NOW!!

Easy dude. You can trade your Feathers to Energy. Just touch the Feather icon to open up the conversion screen. You can also trade your Feathers to Coins, Food and Energy.

10. Friends? I don't want any Friends! I want to be Forever Alone.

Don't be like that. Friends are very helpful in this game. Friends can give you free items which are required to upgrade your facilities/buildings. You can also hire your friends to be a helper in your Farm which is specially required if you want to upgrade your Home.

11. Can I upgrade my facilities?

Yes you can. To upgrade a facility, you need to use it frequently until an upgrade arrow appears beside the facility. Upgrading a facility needs a certain items which can only be obtained from requesting on your friends or by paying a feather for each requirements. You also need gold to upgrade. Upgrading a facility will increase the gold you get when harvesting on that facility.

12. Do my Keri's stats go up when my Keri Levels-up?

No. The stats of the Keri will go up only by equipping it with good equipment which can be bought in the shop.

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Tips and Tricks and a bit of tutorial.

Wanted Race

Wanted Race is a 1 on 1 Race against a Wanted Racer. There are 5 Wanted Racers and each with different difficulty. You will need to obtain a certain Level to Race with the other Wanted Racer. You will also meet various obstacles along the Tracks that you will need to avoid. Hitting those obstacles will slow your Keri. Wanted Race is located in the GrandPrix Area. Just talk to the Sheriff at the top right of the map.

Items found in the Wanted Race and what it does:

Flying Feather - You will notice a Flying Feather in front of you when your opponent is on the lead. This Flying Feather will boost your Keri's Speed when touched. Just touch this Flying Feather when you see it to boost your Keri.
Whip - Touching Whip will boost your Keri's Speed. The Whip icon is located at the top right part of the screen. You can only use this power-up when the gauge is full. It will refill again when used.

Tips and Tricks:

First Wanted Racer/Track

When racing with the first Wanted Racer, you will notice a Frog on the Track. Jump and hit the Frog on its head to go to a Shortcut. When done right, it will take you up to a cloud and there will be no obstacles to get in your way.

To avoid the walls in the first track, just touch anywhere in the screen to jump. Just time your jump to avoid hitting the wall. Hitting the wall will slow your Keri.

Second Wanted Racer/Track

When you reach a bridge when you're leading, jump on the right time to avoid the raging bull. If you're hit with the bull, you will slowdown.

In this track, you will notice a Lever when you get inside a cave. Hitting this Lever will activate the belt which gives you bonus speed. You can activate the Lever by swiping left or right on it.

Remember to jump when you see the bats coming at you. Also when you are in the lead, Santa will drop gift box to you. Avoid it!

I still don't have any idea how to avoid those falling snow boulders. I am eating it most of the time. Lol.

Third to Fifth Wanted Racer/Track

The 3rd to 5th Track will be the same. Same obstacles. Only difference is that the 3rd Wanted racer is 3 laps only while the 4th and 5th are 4 laps.

Now to own in this Track without hitting any obstacles, just follow my tip.

The first obstacles that will come at you are the bats. You can touch the Bat to kill it. Touching it is much better than jumping on it since you will be hit with the other incoming bats if you jump.
When you bypass the first obstacles (Bats), you will be then taken to a bridge with a big incoming boulder. Now to avoid this Boulder, you must not use your Whip from the start and save it for this one. If you reached the bridge, press the whip when you see the boulder. Doing this will let you pass the boulder unharmed. After passing the boulder, the next obstacle that will greet you is the cloud. There's no way to avoid the cloud. So the only way to at least maintain some of your speed when you touch the cloud is to Touch the cloud as soon as you hit it. You need to perfectly hit it when your Keri hit the cloud. Doing this will drop you to the ground and still maintain some speed. If not done right, you will lose your speed and will be back to 0. Now touch the rest of the bats when you hit the ground and you're done.

I've finished and captured all Wanted Racers by doing these tricks.


Keri Care

You can play mini-game in the Keri Care building. Just choose what part you want to play (Any part will be the same mini-game) to start the mini-game. The mini-game is a swipe type game (Similar to the gameplay of Fruit Ninja). You will need to kill the bugs by swiping on it. Just remember to avoid the Bombs. Hitting the Bomb/s will reset your combo multiplier.

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Guide to Keri racing:
You start off with a business land, to grow crops. Reminds me kind of like FarmVille. It's very easy, and it is quite fun to see your farm fill up.
Now you have to grow some crops, which is very easy and simple. But you have to be careful because the plants rot overtime if you don't collect them.
You then start to make a business, by making a bakery. But unlike the crops, bakerys don't rot.
You then finish getting told the tutorial, and go into race mode. Kiri tells you a few tips and tricks into how t winning the grand prix. Your land is where you have your great kiri, as it gets older and better, so you can win the race.
Here's a tip for the great race: use feathers will racing. You get many different seeds to plant as you level up, and you will obviously have to pay, and it takes a longer time. It will grant you very great money, though.
To go very fast, and have a good start on your keri, you MUST tap fast as soon as the counter hits 1, to maximize your chance of winning the grand race.
You can find people playing Keri racing in your area, too, and if you ask me thats is a wonderful idea, as this game is very good.
Might I say, as well, this game does need Internet connection, so make sure you have a stable one before playing this game.
Now, you can start racing, and the way you do is by tapping your bird as soon as the counter hits 1, and you can whip it to get more speed out of it. You have to jump around I think Its garbage, and if you don't you will just lose speed.
By the way, you can add your twitter friends!
Now that the tutorial is up, it is now your time to start playing!

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I created a add me as a friend thread for Keri Racing. Click and add your name to the thread to make it easier to find friends! http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=148190
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Since most of this stuff has already been stated I'll be posting little tips and tricks you might have missed

A Friend In Need
Adding friends is cool but visiting them is even better, visit your friends farm and collect their crops and money for them and receive food and Monday for yourself as well (See good deeds get rewarded)

She'll always have something for you to do so chat with her often

Feathers are your friends
Besides leveling up you can get more feathers through IAP to use forgetting more energy gold food etc,so when in doubt get more feathers

Using your head
During the races vs wanted racers etc you're taught to jump over obstacles, well here's a tip, if you're going fast enough you can use the speed to hit the rubble and you can charge head first through it taking no damage and no loss of speed(does not work on frogs) remember it won't work if you're going too slow

Works for the snow boulders too

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