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App description: Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends is a funny, romantic, supernatural interactive novel full of hot vampires, evil plots, college, romance, explosions, fast cars, fangs, fame, riches, kidnappings, cats, and a destiny that you can use for good... evil... or both.

Best game ever. - Reset Transmission

"Could it be the next big thing?" - Starburst Magazine

...it's funny, a little sexy, and seriously entertaining. - Touch Arcade

I love pretty much everything about this game book. - The Married Gamers

The writing is punchy and fun. - Kanji Games

A strange blend of Barbie Super Model and Fifty Shades of Grey - Gamezebo

You got your Tw*light in my Fighting Fantasy style Gamebook, and I'm glad. - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Parenting

Cool name? Check. Does the game involve falling in love with a vampire? Yes. Do you play as a butt-kicking vampire slayer? Totally! Is there a bonus ending where you become a crazy cat lady? Of course. OK, so according to the checklistthis game gets an automatic 10 out of 10. - Gamecola

It certainly feels like theres plenty to explore with loads of achievements to unlock along the way. The artwork, as always, is charming and distinctive. - 148 apps

Choose your path through this rich interactive story where you can slay vampires or become one, find your soulmate or sell your soul, watch a famous heartthrob on TV or marry him, become a crazy cat lady, or leave town altogether and become a famous MMA fighter, best-selling novelist, or totally important Hollywood actress.

A send-up of those vampire stories you love, Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends is a delightful romp exploring the ridiculous, sometimes dangerous, side of loving vampires, being a badass, and fulfilling your wildest dreams.

With over three hundred sections, hundreds of choices, and 40 unique endings, you can read Vampire Boyfriends again and again, each time having a completely different experience.

Featuring beautiful artwork hand-drawn exclusively for the book, seamless gameplay, bookmarks, achievements, the ability to tweet straight from the app, and a complex but fun story, Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends is from Tin Man Games who brought you the acclaimed Gamebook Adventures, the leading digital gamebook company.


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08-13-2012, 10:52 PM
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Interesting shift of target audience. I hope it pays off for Tin Man Games.

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10-17-2012, 05:15 AM
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10-17-2012, 05:18 AM
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Originally Posted by sapphire_neo View Post
Interesting shift of target audience. I hope it pays off for Tin Man Games.
Same here, this isnt my cup of tea at all so i wont be buying it (i have all their other games), interesting shift like you say.