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App description: Enter a magical world of fun and adventure!

> Hunt for treasure and explore more than 35 amazing locations in a wonderful story-driven adventure.
> 40 funny and quirky characters will entertain and challenge you with quests and mini-games.
> Inside awaits lots of fun the entire family can enjoy together.

Five hundred years ago, a terrible dragon destroyed the magical Funky Bee castle in a blaze of fire.

Rallying around Her Royal Beeness, Queen Groovisma, the few survivors rebuilt the castle and peace was once again restored to the valley. And so it has been for centuries.

But recently, a series of mysterious magic outages have plagued the castle and its inhabitants.

To make matters worse, bears have been sighted on the banks of Honeydew River, near the Great Dam.

Rumor has it that the bears have somehow found a way into the ancient catacombs that lie deep underground. But how? And why?

Now it is up to you to discover the truth behind this growing threat and save Funky Bee before it is to late!

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Anything flattering to say about our Funky Bee? ;-)

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We've got more than 110 reviews and 4.5 stars of 5! Check us out to see why other people Love Funky Bee!

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We are working on new features and wouldn't mind to hear your voice - what would you like us to add to the game?

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