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  • Publisher: Disney
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 47.2 MB
  • Version: 2.0
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: Fish Hooks is an underwater physics-based adventure puzzle starring Milo the fish and a host of his aquatic friends from Freshwater High. You assume the role of Milo and must master the art of making and popping bubbles to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of Randy's diabolical design. You will have to float, fall and fling yourself through the mazes to advance, all while maneuvering with the precision of a ninja (well, the fish version of a ninja. While you're in a bubble.) Perfect timing and puzzle solving skills are essential if you want to avoid the increasingly difficult obstacles and master all of the underwater moves you'll need to win. Have you got what it takes to BE THE BUBBLE?
Find out!, as you:

Play through more than 50 levels of marine madness!
Unlock 5 of Milo's best friends who you can use as player characters in the game!
Master the art of bouncing off turtles!
Surf whirlpools, fly through tubes and free fall!
Collect apples in each level and max out your high score!
Beat Randy Pincherson at his own game and win back the trophy!

Sanuku's comments:

08-15-2012, 06:07 AM
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Disney? Free? IAP!!

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08-15-2012, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by sink_or_swim View Post
Disney? Free? IAP!!
IAP+No Game Center support=adios

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08-15-2012, 12:54 PM
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Originally Posted by sink_or_swim View Post
Disney? Free? IAP!!
iAP = Not needed since you get the other Fish while you Play through the Game.

Originally Posted by DonnyDJ76 View Post
IAP+No Game Center support=adios
Yeah, No Game Center is always a big Bumper for a few of my Friends too.
08-15-2012, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by sink_or_swim View Post
Disney? Free? IAP!!
As the developer of this game, I can say with confidence there is no IAP and feel the need to correct you.

I'm pretty pleased with this game, and I hope anybody who plays it can agree. It's free . . . really, what have you got to lose?
08-15-2012, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by graveckdude View Post
As the developer of this game, I can say with confidence there is no IAP and feel the need to correct you.

I'm pretty pleased with this game, and I hope anybody who plays it can agree. It's free . . . really, what have you got to lose?
Okay.. that's nice, will definitely give it a try although it has no game center which is sad. Any plans to add GC in an update?

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08-15-2012, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by sink_or_swim View Post
Any plans to add GC in an update?
I can't speak for our publisher, Disney, but I imagine if it's fairly popular it'll quickly appear on the radar.

Hope you enjoy!
08-16-2012, 02:19 PM
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Out of all the puzzlers that came out last night, I am totally digging this one..like, by far.

Unique gameplay that only gets more fast paced, quick thinking as you progress

So surprised as it was free..I would def consider this worthy to pay for...super polished.
08-17-2012, 10:35 PM
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Game Impressions

This game is a superb puzzler.
We use bubble to make Milo float and pop it to make him goes down to overcome series of fun obstacles. It has 5 set of 10 levels where we can unlock his friends. While those 50 levels can be finished very fast, this is a well done and polished game that is surprisingly offered for free without any sort of IAP. Just like Where's My Water, this game has potential if it is expanded with more levels and more obstacles. Perhaps Randy can steal the trophy and Milo can continue his bubbling underwater adventure?
If you think that this is a social game with IAP, you are wrong. Try this now, recommended!!

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08-19-2012, 10:12 AM
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As much as I hate to admit it, Disney has put out some incredibly good iOS games over the last couple years. Where’s My Water?, Puffle Launch, Breakspin, Jelly Car, Where’s my Perry?, it’s becoming harder and harder not to check it out when Disney releases a new title into the AppStore. Their most recent, Disney Fish Hooks, is a prime example of a game I didn’t think I’d like, and ended up eventually loving. What’s even more surprising, is that Fish Hooks is a physics puzzler, something I, personally, got sick of some time ago. But Fish Hooks has so much charm and that spark that keeps me coming back to it that I just can’t ignore it.

Fish Hooks is one of very few Disney original cartoons currently in production, which I guess says something. It revolves around a tiny fish Milo and his friends at Freshwater High, a school in a pet store’s aquarium. Why does this matter? Because you’ll be able to watch some cut-scenes, and unlock Milo’s friends in the game, and it’s always nice to know a little backstory, right? Anyway…
Disney Fish Hooks contains 5 worlds, with 50 levels split up between them and a bonus level in each world which, once completed, unlocks another of Milo’s friends for you to play as. Sadly, the characters do not each have separate abilities or stats, making it purely a cosmetic feature. The goal is to collect all 3 apples in each stage before making it to the exit. This is done by manipulating the environment with bubbles to send your character in different directions, bouncing off of turtle shells, and creating and popping bubbles around your character, making them stop, float up and fall down in specific areas.

Usually, you’re able to find teeter totter type objects in each level, which can be manipulated by creating bubbles underneath either side of them. Most levels will require that you set up all of these objects before popping your characters bubble, and sending them throughout the stage. As they’re making their way around the stage, bouncing off of turtle shells, you sometimes will need to quickly tap on your character, which will create another bubble around them. This stops them in their tracks, and immediately sends them floating to the top of the screen. This is a handy mechanic when trying to make your character land on a specific turtle shell or when trying to collect an apple that isn’t on the path you’ll travel while bouncing off of the shells. As you move on through different environments, and worlds, more spiffy mechanics are added to the gameplay, like spiky coral which instantly kills you if you touch it, moving turtle shells that require timed bubble pops, anvils that smash through coral, moving coral, and more.

The 3 apples in each stage act as a 3 star ranking system. Unfortunately, there is no GameCenter support, which does take away from the drive to 3-Apple each stage. There is also no scoring system, and no timer, so if you’re not driven by the desire to collect each of the apples, there’s no real additional drive outside of that, which is unfortunate. Fish Hooks would seriously benefit from a scoring system and GameCenter integration, and it is something I hope is added to the game in a future update.

As with most games, when you start playing, it’s a little more than easy. Almost too easy actually. I was almost turned off of the game before completing the first 10 levels. But the physics, level designs, and gameplay mechanics showed more than enough potential that I made myself stick with it, and as the difficulty level gradually increased, so did the amount of enjoyment I was having while playing.
With Disney Fish Hooks available for FREE, the only thing you’ll really risk if you check it out is time, but if you stick with it, and get through the first world, the game really starts to pick up, and becomes incredibly fun. Seeing GameCenter added in a future update would be great, and judging by Disney's past releases, and fantastic support through updates with them, I'm thinking it's a real possibility. Even if you're sick of physics-puzzlers, Fish Hooks is definitely a title worth checking out, and has the potential to be another Disney game you wind up keeping on your device.

3.5/5 Stars.


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